Cheap Last Minute Family Vacations – Tips for Planning

Cheap Last Minute Family Vacations

When you’d like to have a bit of fun before summer ends but don’t really have the serious cash to go somewhere exotic, cheap last minute family vacations can still be a lot of fun.You don’t have to go on a trip halfway around the world or break the bank to have a good time with the people that you love most in the world.

If you are a bit creative, you can actually plan a holiday getaway for less with only a week or so of lead time.

Here are some tips on how to organize cheap last minute family vacations.

Know your budget and your travel dates

Whether you are planning a vacation for two people or for ten, it’s always necessary to know how much you can afford to spend as well as the time when it will be convenient for you to go on holiday.If you have school age children, then you will naturally have to be back before the school term starts.

Also, make sure that you have checked your bank account and brought up a possible vacation leave with your boss before you make any real plans.

Be flexible about the destination

One great thing about cheap last minute family vacations is the element of surprise.

You may not have the luxury of anticipating it for weeks or even months, but you do get the added excitement that spontaneity offers.Bear in mind that you may not be able to plan a trip to Hawaii in two weeks, but you might be able to visit a water park in the next state or take a road trip down to the nearest beach or lakeside resort for a couple of nights’ stay.

Scout possible locations

If you are making your bookings late in vacation season, you may have some trouble getting a room in some of the more popular vacation spots.To increase the chances of getting accommodations, you can choose either a place that does not attract many tourists or one that gets huge volumes during peak season.

The former will not be full, and the latter will have prepared for large volumes of people and may have some cancellations on the books.

Get all-inclusive family packages

An all-inclusive family resort is a lifesaver for people who need to work with a budget but want to have fun with their family anyway. These all-inclusive hotels and resorts will allow you to control spending since they already include rooms, food, and access to beaches or other attractions in a single fee.

If you have smaller children, look for a place that offers child-monitoring services or has a kids’ club.Some cruises will also be a lot cheaper a month before the sailing date as the cruise organizers try to fill up empty cabins. Check the internet for great package deals for families and other great savings. See Cheap Caribbean’s

Cheap last minute family vacations can be very enjoyable especially if you plan them well and get good value.

About Booking Last Minute Vacations

About Booking Last Minute Vacations

What you should know about booking last minute vacations is that many savvy travellers take advantage of last minute vacations by scheduling their vacation time as normal, and within a two week period of their travel date start looking for their perfect budget vacation.

All of the most popular destinations have hotel rooms that have not been filled, and many air flights are not fully booked.

These deals come when hotels realize they still have inventory, and airline seats are still available within two weeks of any travel date, or less. At this point, both hotels and airlines are willing to offer deep discounts for those who can take advantage.

Let’s say you have your vacation time scheduled, are on a tight budget, but want a fabulous beach vacation somewhere in the sunny Caribbean.

Your vacation is just two weeks away, and when you start looking through the last minute vacation offerings, your main dilemma may be choosing from the vast array of vacation choices.

If you have your heart set on a particular destination, last minute vacations may not deliver what you desire. However, occasionally you can hit the jackpot and get your desired vacation, along with a great savings.

Last minute deals offer at least 60 or more vacations from any major departure city for deals in the Caribbean, U.S. along with many international destinations. Most deals come packaged with round trip airfare, hotel and include all taxes – so the price you see is the price you will pay.

Many travellers have found great destinations at the final hour they would not have chosen otherwise.

Scheduling your vacation time, and waiting to within two weeks of travel to find the best deal is not for the faint of heart, or the hard core vacation planners. If you are the type that has to know exactly where you are going, and which particular hotel you will be staying, last minute trips are obviously not for you.

However for the more adventuresome and budget minded, just viewing all the available trips you can take can be quite exciting.

A young couple recently had tentative plans of a vacation in Toronto, Canada, and ended up in Paris, France for the same amount of money they had originally planned to spend. Another group of friends thought Mexico would be the perfect destination, but ended up saving over $350 per person on a great vacation in Aruba.

Two long-time friends had their limited budgets set on Jamaica, and one week before they were scheduled to go on vacation, the lucked out and found the perfect Jamaican hideaway.

Another target group for last minute vacations are the people that love last minute vacations. Many of the vacation time frames fit perfectly into a long weekend, and getting away at the spur of the moment with a great savings is quite an attractive proposal.

It’s refreshing to take Thursday and Friday off from work, and spend three or four days on a mini vacation, and come back to work completely refreshed the following Monday.

Other vacationers save all year long, and take three or four mini last minute vacations within a year. These travellers know the value of a dollar, and they stretch what some travellers pay for a typical one week vacation into three or four mini vacations, all in exciting destinations.

Other great excuses for last minute trips are job stress, just plain boredom, or Spring has not arrived soon enough for those who have endured the snow and ice. Others take off right before the holidays with extra days off from work, providing the perfect opportunity for a mini vacation.

So while there are many reasons last minute trips are popular with travellers, they all share one common goal – savings up to 70% on their vacations.

Linda Thompkins is a Caribbean travel consultant, and owner of Travel 2 the Caribbean online agency. Linda has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, and has been in business for over eight years. Travel 2 the Caribbean offers last minute vacations, custom vacations, resorts, cruises, along with being an information site about the islands of the Caribbean.