Taking the Best Family Vacations in Fiji

Family vacations in Fiji

As the summer months quickly approach, the time for planning your family vacations in Fiji also arrives. Summer is the perfect time to take family vacations; after all, as the kids are out of school and working parents can take their much-deserved work break. When looking for a place to take a family beach vacation, no place is more perfect than Fiji.

Family vacations in Fiji are ideal as the islands have plenty of resorts which offer fun and affordable activities for both parents and their children.

Fiji is found in the South Pacific, about 2,700 kilometres away from Brisbane, Australia. The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, clear waters, and lush forests. Locals are a diverse and friendly bunch, with roots that can be traced to Asian, European, Indian and Pacific ancestors. Getting to know their culture alone makes family vacations in Fiji worthwhile.

Travel with Kids to Fiji

Travelling to Fiji, even with children, is quite easy. Air Pacific, an Australian airline, has daily flights from Sydney. From Brisbane, there are six flights per week and three from Melbourne. The flights all take less than five hours, so your children certainly won’t be feeling to bored or antsy.  They’ll certainly forget about the boredom once the vacation itself begins. Also, you will notice upon arriving at the Nadi International Airport that families are actually given top priority.

They are put ahead of lines, even in the queue for immigration.

Before actually travelling to Fiji, of course, you have to make sure you orient yourself with the basic customs of the place.  The language used in the islands is Fijian, though English is also widely known, as it is a tourist spot. Certain areas will also have people speaking in Hindi.

The currency used is the Fiji dollar and tipping is generally not a custom there. Health-wise, make sure that you bring lots of sun block and avail of bottled water every time. While most of the resorts have safe tap water, especially in Nadi and Suva, such cannot be assumed of the other islands.

There aren’t really any other health and safety concerns, but you must still do well to check with your family doctor for any advisable shots.

Where to Stay in Fiji

Also, one of the first things you need to do upon choosing to take your family vacations in Fiji is to look up a place to stay. Fiji has many a family resort but you might need to check and determine if they’re within your budget. Accommodations in the islands can range from 5-star to budget accommodations. All of them, however, will be guaranteeing fun, enjoyment, and relaxation for the entire family, so choosing shouldn’t be so difficult.

Fiji islands resorts for families

Like any other beach destination, Fiji offers the usual pleasant sights – a wonderful view and, certainly, many hunky men and beach babes. However, the entire atmosphere of the place is that of general family friendliness. In the resorts, children are allowed to go barefoot, run around, build sand castles and attend activities at resort clubs designed especially for kids.

While they are off having the time of their lives, parents can go to the spas and relax, go for long romantic walks at night when the kids are asleep, and go on diving or snorkelling adventures if they’re especially adventurous.

Different resorts offer different prices and specialized activities, but generally, all resorts in Fiji will be providing your family with lovely suites, good food at their specialty restaurants, and lots of water fun. Most will also have a resort club for kids, as these places are really especially designed for family vacations in Fiji.

There are lots of non-negotiable things to try out in the island and if you have kids, you should really make sure to try the following out.

Family Attractions in Fiji

Go on a village tour. As mentioned above, Fiji culture is very rich and the locals are especially friendly. What better way to immerse yourself in such culture than to actually go around the local villages and see local customs for yourself? These villages offer interesting local delicacies which the children will surely love and will also be having local Fijian dancing at certain times of day. Fijian dancing – and singing, as well – has been known to be a hit with small kids.

While there, you also shouldn’t forget to visit the local farmer’s market. All the produce there is fresh and there are a lot of seafood choices. You can purchase some and cook it back in your resort suite or eat them at the village itself.

If you can, you should also try checking out the mangroves in tidal Salt Lake, on the island of Vanua Levu. The place offers paddle boarding, a child-friendly activity, and most instructors will also be telling you and your family a lot about mangroves and the role they play in our ecosystem.

It’s both a fun and educational activity. On the same island of Vanua Levu, there is also a spot called Split Rock which is known as a great snorkeling place. It’s known for being a safe area for kids so if you want to snorkel as a family, you can opt to go there instead of availing of the snorkelling services of your resort.

Of course, one other important thing to make your kids try out while in Fiji are the resorts’ clubs designed especially for children. While you are off getting a massage or trying out more adventurous activities, you can leave your children at the clubs or with a nanny.

Most resorts offer cheap nanny services for the day, though you might have to do your own babysitting at night.

These kids’ clubs often have their own game rooms, theaters, and sports facilities designed particularly for children. Certain resorts also offer lessons at their clubs, such as for swimming and for diving. Arts and crafts activities are also almost always present at these kids’ clubs for the less outdoorsy types.

With all the fun available in Fiji, there is no doubt that you will be having a blast and will want to return.

Best Family Beach Vacations Recommendations

Recommended Family Resorts in Fiji

Family Attractions in Fiji

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Top Family Attractions in Fiji: Reasons Why You Should Visit

Castaway Island Fiji Family Resort

Looking for family attractions in Fiji? Most people would say that choosing a destination for a family beach vacation is difficult. However, it really isn’t. In fact, taking the family to Fiji should be the sure answer to such a question. Fiji is located just a few thousand miles off of Brisbane, and there are daily flights from Sydney.

There are also a few flights a week from Melbourne and Brisbane. Overall, getting to the area isn’t difficult at all.

There’s also no need for much preparation, health-wise, except to bring lots of sun block to protect yours and your family’s skin from the Pacific sun. It’s also recommended to always drink bottled water, as some of the more remote islands have unreliable tap water.

More than the technicalities, however, the following are the real reasons why you should go for family vacations in Fiji. The reasons include more than just family attractions in Fiji or sightseeing tours – but we have the top 5 too!

Families Love Fiji Because of the Culture

The culture of Fiji makes for a fun experience for both parents and children during family vacations in Fiji. The entire area is a melting pot of different cultures, from Asian to Indian to European. It’s both an educational and exciting place to be. If you can, try to go on one of their village tours and experience how the locals live their daily lives.

They also have several singing and dancing performances during the day and night, which all members of the family will surely enjoy and remember as their favourite family attractions in Fiji. Apart from this, the local villages have farmer’s markets, which offer the best in fresh seafood and local fruits and vegetables.

It’s a healthy alternative to the processed food that are sometimes used in restaurants back home, or even in some of the resort dining areas, for those who are much more health conscious.

Families Love Fiji Because of the Resorts

All resorts in Fiji have incorporated child-friendly spots and activities for your kids. The Fijian tourist authority and resort owners take family vacations in Fiji seriously. Most resorts will have kids’ clubs for your children, with activities such as arts and crafts, swimming lessons, diving lessons, and even outdoor camps designed for particular age groups.

These kids’ clubs also often include massive theater and entertainment systems, as well as game rooms.

For teenagers, many also boast of safe, wholesome, quality night-time entertainment.

One of the family recommended resorts in Fiji is Castaway Island. With the Castaway Island Kids Club your kids will have tons of fun with a Fijian twist all the while being supervised. There are nannies available for the younger set if Mom and Dad want a break or maybe get a massage. For the older kids, there are water sports galore, scuba diving and lots of other activities.

Families Love Fiji Because of the People

Fijians are a friendly group of people who are great with kids – and making adults happy! As a people, Fijians have been known to take well to kids, which explain why a lot of their nanny services are both affordable and trust-worthy.

You can choose to have them watch your kids while you enjoy the resorts’ services and activities for grown-ups.

Take a romantic stroll on the beach, learn to scuba dive or get a couple’s massage while in-house nannies take care of your kids. You will also realize that a lot of the restaurants serve meals that are especially designed for children, with certain resorts even having a restaurant that serves food particularly catering to young children’s’ tastes, as well as in child-friendly servings.

Top 5 Family Attractions in Fiji

1. Navala Village: A quaint village where the houses (bures) are still built using the traditional materials such as bamboo walls and thatched roofs.  There is an entrance fee and your visit will include a welcoming ceremony.

2. Bouma National Park Fij: A tropical rain forests that is sure to delight. With forests, volcanic peaks and steep cliffs that offer breathtaking vistas of the sea. Plan to spend the day.

3. Nananu-i-Ra Island Day tours: This small island off the cost of Viti Levu is accessed by boat. There is swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon and on the other side – wind surfing and kite surfing.

4. Helicopter and Seaplane Tours: You have seen the pictures of those turquoise seas, what better way to experience those views than from the air.  In the mountains, you may also see the waterfalls.

5. Mamanuca Islands Day Cruise: With more than 30 small islands to in the area, there is plenty to see. Some have luxury resorts, some are uninhibited. Dolphin watching, snorkeling, fishing and a beach BBQ – sounds like a great way to spend the day.

In addition to these amazing family attractions in Fiji, Fijians will always do their best to make you comfortable…one of the, if not THE, best reasons to choose to have family beach vacations in Fiji.

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