Scuba Diving in Hawaii has Variety

Scuba diving in HawaiiScuba diving in Hawaii, is some of the best in the world. It has all the variety of a Polynesian paradise like Fiji combined with the most modern facilities and world-class guides.

Thanks to year round warm waters, it’s possible to schedule a dive in Hawaii in any season. That makes it more cost effective to travel here than some other locations, such as Tahiti or Australia. Though they have mild climates, too, airline and hotel costs vary more for them throughout the year.

But the benefits of Scuba diving in Hawaii go well beyond saving a few dollars. There are unparalleled dive locales and types all within easy travel. Scuba diving in the different parts of the Hawaiian islands is one the best Hawaii tourist spots. The islands offer a clear blue water with a vast variety of marine life.


Oahu has offshore lava formations that sport a variety of sea life. There are tiny grottoes that provide their homes. You can explore

them endlessly along with the green sea turtles who will accompany you. There are also a number of sunken planes and shipwrecks that add interesting elements to a dive. Now that’s a great scuba diving experience. You can swim with the turtles. A great Hawaii family vacation to experience.


A short boat trip away, off the west coast of Maui, there are several good scuba diving in Hawaii sites. Molokini, Five Caves and Black Rock, along with many others, offer diving suitable for all skill levels.


Kauai, also known as the Garden Island, is better in the non-winter months. The large swells during winter make the venture a little too risky for all but the most expert. It also tends to stir up a lot of sediment, making the views poor even for the truly adventurous. But during the rest of the year the north shore offers some of the most pristine waters around.

Hawaii Scuba Diving


An area 17 miles off of southwestern Kauai offers scuba diving in Hawaii that is found nowhere else. The waters of Ni’ihau hold huge sea arches, giant pelagic fish and close-up views of monk seals. Because of the distance and the terrain, it’s not generally recommended for novices. But for the more experienced, this is well worth exploring.


Lanai is a favorite of many divers, both new and pro. The lava formations create fascinating plays of light and shadow while they provide homes for the marine life. Winding your way through arches and tunnels or along the many ridges and over peaks gives a variety found in few other spots.


Molokai offers the longest barrier reef in Hawaii. The south side of the island is one giant, teeming mass of interesting sea life. It’s also much less crowded than many of the more well known dive sites around the Hawaiian islands.


Then, of course, there is Scuba diving in Hawaii on the Big Island itself, Hawaii. A large coastline provides countless spots to explore the underwater geography and endless arrays of tropical animal species. Some of the clearest waters in the world allow visibility as far down as 100 feet/30 meters. Cavern Point, Kailua Pier, Red Hill and many more spots along the Kona and Kohala coasts offer diving for all skill levels. You can even get scuba diving lessons.

So in your itinerary for your Hawaii family vacation, add scuba diving to your list.

Sheltered from the trade winds by the high mountains, dives are so peaceful you’ll forget you’re anywhere near civilization. Yet, you can enjoy all the convenience of diving near a major population center since there are hundreds of dive shops, guides and other supporting businesses.

Try scuba diving in Hawaii and you’ll wonder why others fly so far away when paradise is in your own neighborhood. In Hawaii, this is the best scuba diving Hawaii tourist spots there is.

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Popular tourist spot in Hawaii: the Kokee Natural History Museum

Kokee Natural History MuseumPopular tourist spot in Hawaii, the Kokee Natural History Museum located on Kauai is a certified museum under the standards of London and New York. But within this space visitors can find a surprisingly rich and detailed view of the area’s geology, botany, wildlife and climate.

The weather exhibit alone is worth the visit. It details how Mount Waialeale not far away receives among the highest recorded rainfalls anywhere on Earth. The over 600 inches per year downpour is an amazing figure considering competition from places like the Oregon Coast, the Amazon jungle and other spots on the planet that regularly get thoroughly drenched every year. Yet the mountain, at 5,150 ft/1,570 m is not enormous by planetary standards.

Other fascinating climate information around the area that houses the museum is also on display. Details about Hurricane Iniki in 1992 give one a good overview of how these deadly storms grow and decay seasonally.

There are numerous displays about the native birds of the island, along with exhibits about the upland forests of Kauai. Some show how the natives hunted and fished the local waters for centuries, and how those practices have evolved in the modern world.

Tourists can get a look at some of the interesting shells that are distinctive to this ecosystem. Nearby are many examples of Hawaiian stone artifacts fashioned by the inhabitants centuries before the first European settlers paid a visit.

Located at one end of Waimea Canyon, the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ as Mark Twain described it, the museum is part of Kokee State Park. At over 2,700 feet/820 m deep it would be hard to disagree with the famed author.Akaka Falls

The museum offers extensive information on many of the dozens of great trails in the park that can be hiked by novice or expert. This is also the meeting place for guided summer walks led by experienced staff as part of the park’s WonderWalks program. A great way for exercise for you and your family. A great way to exercise as well during your family vacation. Popular tourist spot in Hawaii, yes they are so many yet this museum houses the different tidbits and info of what you need to know about Hawaii.

Stick around til noon and watch ‘Queen Emma’ arrive on horseback, a symbolic parade of the mighty monarch’s great ride of 1871 with 100 of her friends and followers. Then enjoy the chant and hula rituals the rest of the afternoon.In addition, there are basket weaving and lei making workshops for those inclined to crafts and who want to learn the Hawaiian way. Come in October and enjoy the Emalani Festival, with live music and craft demonstrations galore.

Take a look around and drink in the view of the many waterfalls in the area enjoyed by over 100,000 visitors per year. Explore some of the native wildlife as you check out the cliffside views of this natural wonderland. Your Hawaii family vacation is sure to be an enjoyable experience when you visit Kokee Natural History Museum. You can learn a lot to while your on your family vacation. Visiting museums doesn’t have to be boring. So make it part of your places to see while in Hawaii. Make it part of your list of popular tourist spot in Hawaii that you need to see.

The museum is located at 3500 East Waimea Canyon Drive, Kekaha, Kauai. The Kokee State Park is at Mile Marker 15 on Hwy 550.


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Fun Activities For Your Kauai Family Vacation

Kauai Family Vacation

Wailua Falls

Check out the Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum in Kapaa on your Kauai family vacation, it isn’t just for children. Interactive exhibits, virtual reality games, and hands on science and art activities will delight adults as well. On Saturdays, the Starlight Planetarium Program tells how the Polynesian voyagers used the stars, winds and ocean to navigate their canoes across the Pacific.

Explore a Waterfall, One of Kauai’s most famous waterfalls is Wailua Falls. The falls were featured on the opening credits just before Tattoo shouts “Da Plane, Da Plane”. A quick drive is all it takes to see this impressive water display. Try the Secret Falls Hike and Paddle

Kauai snorkeling from the beach! Aloha Kauai Tours’ SeaFun Snorkeling Tour is the perfect guided ocean adventure for all ages and all levels of experience. Nervous about snorkeling?

The tour assistants have large, soft surfboards with handles around the edges.

On your Kauai family vacations you can Tour Movie Locations. Through the years many feature films shot in Hawaii have been filmed on Kauai. The island’s unique, mysterious tropical mountains and miles of sand beach are definitely a favorite of directors like Steven Spielberg. Explore where “Jurassic Park”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “6 Days and 7 Nights” have all been shot.

Kauai Luau

Most of the major resorts on Kauai have programs for kids that include fun and educational activities like Hawaiian crafts and cultural activities, fishing, beach games, nature walks, surfing lessons, sand sculpture contests, coconut frond weaving, tide pool explorations, tours of historic sites, and field trips led by local naturalists and other experts.

Find out information on the best family Kauai vacations hotels in Kauai.

More fun things to do with the family while on Kauai Vacations


Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about Kauai Vacations


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Hawaii places to see: Caves and Falls

Hawaii Places

Big Island: Lava Tube

There are many Hawaii places to see. Luckily, just as with the state’s outstanding beaches, there are no end of options. Hawaii isn’t just about beaches. So if you’re planning to visit some of Hawaii’s places then plan a visit to see some of the caves and the falls.


The Kula Kai Caverns and Lava Tubes are a prime example of these Hawaii places to see. They are located on the Big Island and are about a 45 minute drive from Kona.

A two-hour spelunking tour is led by an expert guide. Crawling along and up these long lava tubes with helmet and gloves is far more exciting than coal mining and a lot less messy. So definitely these Hawaii places area definitely must see for tourists.

Temperatures are a cool 65F/18C and you’ll need a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to avoid scraping knees and elbows on the harsh lava rock. But the rewards are many. While not for the claustrophobic, the caves are distinctly different from those in France or the continental U.S.

You’ll see everything from narrow tunnels to huge open grottoes with pools of water. There are trips for beginner, intermediate and advanced ‘spelunkers’. Good lighting is a must in these areas, where the caves go far beyond the light spilling in from openings. So you’ll be outfitted with a flashlight and helmet. The Hawaii tours of caves is a guided tour of these Hawaii places. So no need to worry as professionals are there to assist you and make your family vacation safe.

Stalagmites and stalactites in ordinary rock caves tend to be made of salt/sediment deposits built up (or down) over millennia. In Hawaii’s caves, changes occur much more quickly as lava flows are ejected and cool. Every visit is unique.

Once you’ve had your fill of fascinating dark caverns, reach out into the light and see some of Hawaii’s amazing falls. This is a great family vacation that you can enjoy. It’s like an adventure!

Akaka Falls

Falls in Hawaii

In a state with so much competition for most beautiful scenery it would be hard to pick a winner. No Hawaii tours would be complete without visiting the falls of Hawaii.

The Manoa Falls only 20 minutes from Honolulu would definitely be in the running. You’ll stroll through bamboo groves along a 3/4-mi/1.25 km long trail when suddenly before you appears a 150-foot/45m waterfall splashing down into a crystal clear pool below.

Another serious competitor is the Hanakapiai Falls on Kauai. Part of an excellent 4-mile hike from the Kalalau Trailhead in Kee Beach to Hanakapiai Valley on the Na Pali Coast, they are an appropriate reward for the effort.

Splashing down three main terraces a full 300 feet (90m), you can take a dip in the pool at the bottom to cool off. But take care not to get too distracted. The dazzling beauty of the surrounding flora has been known to cause more than one traveler to want never to go home again.

If there were any clear champion it would have to the pair at Akaka Falls State Park. Only a half-mile (two-thirds of kilometer) hike in along a trail covered with flowered vines lies the Kahuna Falls, plunging down 400 feet (122 m) from the top. But that already spectacular view is exceeded by the Akaka Falls covering 442 feet (134m) from top to bottom.

It’s a small wonder that Hawaii is world-famous for natural beauty. With unique underground caverns to explore and some of the finest waterfalls anywhere, both high and low sights here are tops for any adventurous tourist. The spectacular falls of Hawaii will surely make you add this to one of your best Hawaii family vacation if you’re visiting Hawaii with your family.

The scenic views, the magnificent caves, the magical waterfalls of Hawaii is a great family vacation. There’s a little adventure like climbing and going inside the caves and then upon coming out of the caves you’ll see the waterfalls.

Hawaii’s caves and falls is surely something. Hawaii isn’t all about beaches after all, it’s about the magical, beautiful places of Hawaii.

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Hawaii Boat Tours and Hawaii Shark Encounters

Hawaii Shark Encounters

Hawaii Shark Encounters

Hawaii offers one of the best shark encounters and best Hawaii boat tours. Experience the real shark encounters like those of you see on TV. Or perhaps try the boat tours. That can mean cruising around to see the excellent sights along the coast or out at sea, such as whale watching.

Several of the major cruise lines, and hundreds of smaller boat operators offer tours around and between Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai and the other islands. Along the way cruisers (as the passengers are called) get to enjoy all the amenities these ships have to offer. And that’s quite a lot.

Some Hawaii boat tours have gambling, entertainment and. But with these shorter cruises no one has any reason to get itchy to set foot again on land. A cruise can be as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a couple of days as you wind your way among the 8 major islands, and some of the other 150 or so minor ones that make up the state of Hawaii.

Sailing ships are another option. Everything from 14-foot dinghies to 60-foot yachts are available to individuals or groups large or small. Sail around in the tropical breezes along the shoreline. Head out to the open ocean and see some whales frolicking as the dolphins swim alongside. Have dinner and champagne before making your way lazily back to the island.

You can board anything from the 1,500 passenger Star of Honolulu to a 38-foot fishing boat built for six. Other boat operators may offer similar tours, or activities that the larger lines can’t, such as water skiing or high speed boat racing. They provide fishing trips, snorkeling jaunts, scuba diving and – not least – shark encounters. With these activities, you can have a great family vacation.
Hawaii Boat Tours
Step off the boat and into the waters occupied by Galapagos, Tiger, Sandbar and other shark species native to the area. The Galapagos reaches over 10 feet/3m long. Not something you want to come face to face with unless you have something more than a scuba mask and wetsuit around you.

Shark Encounter tour operators provide customers not just expertise – which is highly useful – but cages as well. Slide down into a sturdy metal enclosure some of which are lined with 1/4 inch Plexiglas. You get a very close up view but are completely protected from any decision the shark might suddenly decide to make.

And make them they do.

Most sharks are peaceful, most of the time. Though not fearful of humans and so willing to approach, one can never predict when they might decide you are their next meal. But these cages make sure that can’t happen. Even so, expect to pump some adrenalin. Being an inch away from a shark’s nose – or teeth – is a scary experience for even the most adventurous. Shark encounters is not just some day in the aquarium it’s an experience of a lifetime

But after all, that’s the whole point. You get the thrill without the risk. That’s not a combination you can expect anywhere else.

Enjoy any of the hundreds of options available from Hawaii boat tours or cruise ships. Even if you don’t see a Great White, you’ll get a lot of excitement. Make Hawaii family vacation the best family vacation you’ll ever have.


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