New England Family Vacation – Great in the Summer and Year Round

New England Family Vacation

Planning a New England family vacation will take some doing. It would be next to impossible to cram the vast amount of natural beauty, history, culture, and exciting entertainments available into one family vacation to New England. Each state has a wealth of vacation goodies just waiting to be enjoyed.

For instance, a trip to Massachusetts would have you acquainted with interesting historical tidbits and inspiring architecture of Boston. Then there’s the change of scenery with Cape Cod and more natural beauty in the Pioneer Valley. For rural charms, take a detour through Maine. Connecticut can’t quite decide whether to swear by its glitzy cities or cling to its pristine pastoral beauty.

On this New England family vacation perhaps, you can help decide as you make your way through Long Island Sound and New Haven.

Your family trip to New England would have to include Rhode Island. With a range of parklands, beaches, and history, your family vacation in New England just got busy. The exciting capital city of Providence and the placid Block Island where you can set your kid loose to roam free are definitely worth exploring.

In New Hampshire enjoy the stillness of the wilderness where you share space with wildlife as you go hiking in the White Mountain National Forest. Try to cover Portsmouth and Wolfeboro while you’re here.

Moving on to Vermont, your family vacation to New England seems to have found its way to paradise. Scintillating vistas any which way you look greet you on arrival and stay for the duration of your visit. You won’t miss the beaches as you traverse the shores of the Connecticut River and Lake Champlain. Explore Middlebury, Lyndonville, and Barre as you fall in love with the exquisite architecture and friendly local folk.

Every season has something spectacular to offer visitors on their New England family vacation. Summer is indisputably the best time to visit New England for a family beach vacation. But having said that, how can you say no to the glorious colors of autumn from September to early November?

Your family vacation to New England would then have to be planned depending on what season you’d prefer to enjoy. If your family swears by winter sports of course, that’s when you should visit.

Top New England Family Destinations:

A Family Vacation to Cape Ann Has Lots to Do
If a family vacation to Cape Ann, Massachusetts is on the cards, be prepared for a charming encounter with a time gone by.

Make Your Family Vacation to Cape Cod Memorable
Your family vacation to Cape Cod is a good idea in more ways than one. Located in east Massachusetts in North-eastern United States, Cape Cod is the veritable tourist paradise perfect for all ages and temperaments.

Your Kids Will Love a Family Vacation to Hampton Beach
Drive an hour north of Boston and you have your family vacation in Hampton Beach raring to go. Located on the New Hampshire coastline in Rockingham County, this beach is all yours to enjoy for free, along with myriad associated entertainments.

Why a Family Vacation to Old Orchard Beach is Ideal
A family vacation in Old Orchard Beach is a glorious mixture of sun, sand, and surf, with a huge amount of entertainment thrown in. Located along Saco Bay in York County, Maine

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Make Your Family Vacation in Cape Cod Memorable

Family Vacation in Cape Cod
Your family vacation in Cape Cod is a good idea in more ways than one. Located in east Massachusetts in North-eastern United States, Cape Cod is the veritable tourist paradise perfect for all ages and temperaments.

Divided conveniently into Upper Cape, Mid Cape, and Lower or Outer Cape areas, the Cape experience is evenly spread out for you to pick from. Cape Cod is all about wet, wild, nature, and so, on your family travel to Cape Cod come prepared for a variety of encounters of the Piscean kind.

On your family vacation in Cape Cod, it does not have to be all about water however. There are plenty of other things to include in your family trip to Cape Cod. Here’s a look at certain mandatory stops to be made.

Cape Cod

Martha’s Vineyard with its gingerbread houses on Oak Bluffs and the oldest carousel; Nantucket with its fabulous sunsets on Madaket Beach and the Great Point Lighthouse; Provincetown where you can take in the excitement of Commercial Street or watch the activities on the fishing pier; and Monomoy Island where you can explore lighthouses or gawk at sleeping seals on the beach. These should all feature prominently on your itinerary when on a family vacation to Cape Cod.

Family travel to Cape Cod does not all have to be planned by you. There are certain activities you can depend on the experts to take care of. For instance, to see the seals on Monomoy Island, just hop aboard a Cape Cod Seal Tour.

Tour the enormous sand dunes of Provincetown for a trip that takes you all the way back in history to the Ice Age.

Another treat for the entire family would be the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown where you get to enjoy the exhilarating sight of hundreds of frolicking dolphins and a variety of whales in their natural habitat.

The summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day are the most popular tourist season in this warm weather destination. Be prepared for crazily crowded beaches and booked out hotels and ferries and do your reservations early.

There’s no such thing as off-season as far as family vacation to Cape Cod is concerned. Even winter months have its aficionados who love to spend Christmas here. January to March is when things slow down a bit. Take your beach vacation to Cape Cod in spring to see the Cape bloom as one big garden, or in autumn to witness the spectacular colors of the season.

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