Best Family Beaches in Florida


If you and the kids are feeling tired of the same old daily grind, cheer yourselves up and plan a family beach vacation in Florida.

This sunny state is always a favourite for those looking for a change of scene and a change of climate.  You don’t need to leave the country or go on a cruise to sample the delights of the tropics.

In fact, a family beach vacation in Florida should give you ample opportunity to refresh your mind and your body.  Here is a list of some of the best family beaches in Florida.


Delray Beach

Best Family Beaches in Florida

This beach is located near Boca Raton in Palm Beach.  This family-friendly spot is a favourite with tourists, and receives up to a million visitors annually.  The beach is a mile long, and it’s perfect for parents who want to spread a towel on the sand and soak up the sun’s rays while their kids get busy with exploring or building sandcastles.

When the sun goes down, you can have a meal at one of the restaurants on Atlantic Avenue or visit the Pineapple Grove arts district.



Naples Florida Beaches

The beaches in Naples are one of the loveliest you’ll find in the country.  Your kids will be thrilled if it’s their first time at the ocean, especially since their toes will be tickled by the finest, pearly-white sand.  Pick up a blanket and your swimsuits and you’re good to go.

You’ll find plenty of convenient facilities for your use, such as food stands and bath houses.  You can also rent beach umbrellas, kayaks or snorkelling equipment.  The sight of the gorgeous mansions of Millionaire’s Row in the distance is also a big plus.


Sanibel Beach

Sanibel Beach

Sanibel is one of the Shell Islands, and if your kids are into natural history you’ll definitely want to take them here.  It’s one of the best places on the coast to find intact shells of all kinds, so make sure that you bring a small pail and a shovel so you can collect some to bring with you.

You’ll find plenty of conchs, scallops, and cockle shells.  There’s also a boardwalk and a quaint old lighthouse on Lighthouse Beach nearby.






Siesta Key

Siesta Key Florida Beach

If your family is into water sports, then be sure to bring them to Siesta Key.  There are 13 public access beaches which offer a lot of activities for those seeking thrills in the water.  You might find it pleasant just to lie on the broad beach and watch world go by, but it’s likely that you’ll be drawn to the chance to rent a catamaran or go kayaking instead.

The beach areas also have picnic areas, playgrounds, and rental cottages making it great for family beach vacations.




Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

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Clearwater Beach is known as one of Florida’s best beaches and many families flock to its sandy coast and beachfront resorts.

Located along a narrow, 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach lies with the Gulf of Mexico and relaxing Tampa Bay.

Clearwater’s closeness to Tampa is great if families want to have many activities, such as sunbathing, beach volleyball, renting fishing boats, dolphin watch excursions, parasailing or heading to a museum or aquarium

If you’ve got a family beach vacation in mind, make sure to go to one of the best family beaches in Florida.

Beach Vacations in the Bahamas

Beach Vacations in the BahamasBeach Vacations in the Bahamas are renowned for lots of vacation choices. Whether you wish to spend holidays in a family-friendly resort for a tropical escape, or want to go live it up at a casino vacation in Nassau, or enjoy adventurous water sports – you can do them all in the Bahamas.

Planning a family vacation and falling short of ideas? Well, in today’s hectic work schedule, what’s more relaxing than spending time at the beach, and enjoying all that it has to offer. The Bahamas is an archipelago comprising 2,500 cays and 700 islands.

The islands have a sub-tropical climate, extremely warm and friendly people, and the clearest waters in the entire Caribbean region – according to the astronauts. It isn’t surprising that tourism is the island’s largest industry. It will be fun for you learn about the island’s history before actually visiting it, simply to know about its diverse characters in its past.

You will find tales of the notorious pirates Calico Jack and Blackbeard, and Loyalists who escaped the American Revolution to reconstruct their lives on the then known British soil, it’s very interesting.

Beach vacations in the Bahamas offer everything that one can think of for a wonderful vacation with loved ones. Be it bathing in the sun-bathed beaches that are awash with natural splendor, or walking hand-in-hand along the colorful streets like true love birds, or getting wild over the adventures and water sports; all of it is at your service in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas has some of the most striking beaches in the world and if you are looking for the perfect beach, you might just find it here. Most beaches are pristine and extraordinarily white, with sand so fine it is soft to touch. Harbour Island, off the coast of Eleuthera has unique rose-colored sand beaches.

Beaches in the Bahamas are usually either an activity beach or a deserted beach. On an activity beach, of which Cable Beach in Nassau is the prime example, you’ll find tons of things to do; Water-skiing, windsurfing, diving, fishing, sailing, parasailing, seaside restaurants, beach bars, local entertainment. On the other hand, there are miles of isolated: winding stretches of untouched sand, warmed by the sun.

The Bahamas is well known for some very popular resorts.Home to The Atlantis Bahamas Resort, this is one of the largest hotel complexes in the world, with tons of shops and activities. Both children and adults will enjoy the 5.5-hectare (14-acre) sea world with water slides, a lagoon for water sports, white sandy beaches, and underground grottoes plus an underwater viewing tunnel and the cascading waterfalls and excellent choice for Beach vacations in the Bahamas.

Another top resort is the Radisson Cable Beach and Golf Resort is set on 1,000 feet of Nassau’s most beautiful beach, the resort includes 7 acres of tropical waterscapes, indoor and outdoor restaurants offering diverse dining options from the casual poolside Dolphin Beach Grill to the gourmet cuisine of Amici’s.

The Bahamas are renowned for offering a multitude of vacation experiences to its visitors, whether you wish to spend holidays in a family-friendly resort for a tropical escape, or want to go live it up at a casino vacation in Nassau, or enjoy the adventurous water sports in the clean and clear tropical Bahamas climate, all of these are available at the Bahamas.

Besides its most famous sun-bathing in spectacular beachscapes, the island also offers great championship outdoor sports and golf courses, along with swimming with dolphins and diving, duty-free shopping, and great cuisine.

So are you ready to book Beach vacations in the Bahamas? The Bahamas with its turquoise waters awash with powder-white beaches stretched over miles is waiting for you.

Visit the Ultimate Guide for Family Beach Vacations: and get more Bahamas Family vacation tips!

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Family Weekend Getaways with Small Kids

Family Weekend Getaways with Small Kids

You don’t have to give up on family weekend getaways with small kids because you think they will not enjoy themselves. If you and your partner have always found travel exciting and fulfilling, then you can be sure that your children will too.

Travelling with smaller children is all about finding the right destination – look for places that you and your children will enjoy equally.Family weekend getaways are actually ideal for pre-schoolers and toddlers because they’re pretty brief and usually take place closer to home.

If you’d like to try a couple of days’ holiday with your tots, here are some great ideas for family weekend getaways.

Visit Theme Parks with Small Kids

A theme park can be fun for small children as long as you’re mindful of their attention spans and their comfort.Pre-schoolers are sure to find places like Disney World truly magical.

They’ll enjoy the lights, sounds, costumes and colors.

Theme parks are also sure to have smaller rides appropriate for their age. Just make sure that you don’t over-tire your kids.Take frequent rests and remember that the point is to have a nice time – not to check all the park attractions off your list.

Beaches Make Great Weekend Getaways

Youngsters simply love trips to the beach. You don’t really need to go to an exotic foreign locale.Just head on down to Virginia Beach or Naples in Florida.

As long as there’s sun, sad, and surf, your little ones will be pretty satisfied. Bring along some sun protection and keep your kids hydrated; the heat can affect them far more quickly than it does adults.

Water Parks are Ideal for Family Weekends

If the beach is too far or if summer is over, then you can give your family the chance to enjoy swimming and splashing in the water by taking them to one of the many indoor water parks in the country.

Choose a water park that has splash pools and play areas made especially for little kids. Interactive features like sprays, fountains and buckets are sure to give them hours of good fun.

Visit the Zoo

What child doesn’t love animals?A zoo is still one of the best places to take your family on a vacation.Little kids will marvel at the exotic creatures that you don’t see every day – mischievous monkeys, graceful giraffes, and roly-poly bears.

Thankfully, many zoos today are much more pleasant than they used to be, with animals getting more freedom to move about and plenty of opportunities for visitors to interact with them in a more natural way.

Museums are great for Weekend Excursions with your Family

Who says museums are just for older people? While it’s true that your toddler may not enjoy historical museum or an art museum where everything is hushed and intimidating, there are plenty of museums that cater specifically to kids of all ages.

One fine example is the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, with interactive exhibits and opportunities for kids to exercise their creativity and work off their energy. Make sure to visit one on your next family getaway.

Incorporating these places on your next family weekend getaways with your kids can be a lot of fun, so be sure to add them to the list.

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A Weekend Getaway with Kids at the Beach: Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea

Weekend Getaway with Kids

Having a weekend getaway with kids is simply a thing that you must do. Since it is inevitable for the daily grind to wear both you and your spouse down; not only do you have to focus on your jobs and doing all the household chores, you have to make sure that all is well with your children.

At the same time, your kids are also probably exhausted from school or the daily things that take time. When all of the stress from living in the city and fulfilling your responsibilities get to be too much, the sure-fire solution is to go on a weekend getaway with kids.

Going on a family vacation is one way you, your spouse, and your children can spend some quality time together and just relax, focusing on the importance of having fun together as a family.

If you want to go on a weekend getaway with kids, one of your best options is to go on a beach weekend getaway.There are several reasons why going to the beach for a weekend is a good idea and they are listed below:

Staying in a beach resort is much better than in an ordinary hotel

While certain hotels can have lovely services, nothing beats being in a beach resort.Staying in an ordinary hotel can be quite restrictive for your kids, especially as the only in house services usually provided for by ordinary hotels are good restaurants, a pool, and perhaps a gym or play area.

However, going to a beach resort for a weekend getaway with kids provides your family with so many other options as to what to do. You can swim, go for walks, and maybe take advantage of some spa services. Resorts with beaches are generally more fun for the entire family, as both the adults and the children have something to do.

It’s a healthier option

Going on a beach getaway means that you and your children actually get to go out and spend some time outdoors. So many children these days don’t get to exercise and do physical activities anymore. They are so caught up with new advances with technology that they no longer know how to appreciate the beauty of nature.

In addition, kids aren’t the only ones guilty of this. Even adults nowadays tend to stay in more, watching TV, playing games on their tablets and smart phones and the like. If you go on a weekend getaway with kids, why not give them – and yourself – the chance to get some sun, play in the waters, and just enjoy life without the chains of the modern age?

Beach getaways are often much cheaper

Another good thing about going on a beach vacation for your weekend getaway with kids is that it is a much cheaper option. If you choose to stay in a hotel or resort, most of these places already offer all-inclusive packages that include not only your accommodations but other activities in the rates as well.

If you decide to simply drive up to a public beach, perhaps rent a cottage or a tent, that’s alright too. It also costs much less. All this being said, beach vacations are a good, quality way to spend the weekend with family.

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Where are the Best Beaches for Families?

Hawaii Beach Sunset

You may be wondering, “What are the best beaches for families?” if you’re planning to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand with your loved ones for a holiday.

There are literally thousands of beautiful beaches all over the world, from Europe all the way down to Australia and New Zealand.

Nevertheless, the best beaches for families are usually those that have gentle waters, beautiful vistas, and well-developed, tourist-friendly facilities that make for a safe and comfortable stay.Here is a short list of some of the best beaches for families that are worth paying a visit.


Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida

You won’t have to fly halfway around the world just to find a great beach that you can enjoy with your spouse and your children. Destin has been nicknames “the luckiest fishing village in the world” because of the way it transformed from a sleepy village into a popular tourist destination.

Destin is famous for its stretches of white sand beach.The sand is sugary in appearance and is said to be among the whitest in the world.The water is temperate, clear, and emerald-green which makes for fantastic swimming.

If you come at the right time, you and your family will even get to see the Fishing Rodeo and the Seafood Festival.

Find out more about Destin Family Beach Vacations


Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Napili Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii has long been a dream destination for thousands who would like to experience a bit of laid-back island living.

Napili Bay lies between two rocky points and is a great favourite with surfers and body boarders.The beach is nice and sandy which makes for good swimming in the summer, but during the winter months the surf is high and there is a strong current.

Should you visit during the warm months when the water is gentle, you’ll find many family-friendly resorts to accommodate you.

Discover more things to do on Maui Vacations


Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Beach

“Banderas Bay” literally means “Bay of Flags.” This destination features 100 kilometres of coastline, making it a big favourite with tourists who would like to bask in the sun or frolic in the ocean.It’s a great place for families of nature lovers, since marine life is abundant.

You may get to see whales, dolphins, and manta rays. Walking tours are also a favourite of visitors to Banderas Bay since they allow you to go bird watching and see the flora and fauna in the area. Of course, scuba diving is also popular.

Find the best Mexico Family Vacations

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

At Grace Bay, you’ll be able to enjoy a gorgeous beach with powdery white sand and not too much tourist traffic. It’s still possible to have a laid-back holiday in this paradisiacal location, particularly with the number of good hotels and resorts in the area. Try to book your stay at an all-inclusive resort and try a bit of swimming, whale-watching, and nature-tripping.

Learn more about Turks and Caicos

These best beaches for families are all great places to go for a family beach vacation. All you have to do is decide whether you’d like to stay close to home or venture as far as the Caribbean.


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