Quick Travel Guide for the Caribbean

Do you love the Caribbean as much as we do? There are so many options for travel in this area – the water is warm and it’s great for kids. But how do you pick the best family vacation spot with so many options?

Do you love the beach? Check out Aruba with 35 beaches or the Cayman Islands with its 7 mile beach. Do you love great restaurants on vacation? Maybe Barbados is the place for you. Love to dive and snorkel? Then you must check out Bonaire and the Bahamas.

Maybe your family loves to golf? Did you know that Jamaica has the most championship golf courses in the Caribbean? You will definitely want to check it out.

If all you really want to do is relax and chill then for sure you should consider the Turks and Caicos and Anguilla. White sandy beaches, warm breezes and lots of chill resort to choose from.

Easy Planet Travel has this great infographic which gives you a great snapshot of the Caribbean and what each island offers with this Quick Travel Guide for the Caribbean :

nfographic Guide to Caribbean



The Caribbean, with more than 700 gorgeous islands, is the perfect spot for a winter vacation. December to April is the best time to visit, and yet, you can go year-round and find beautiful weather too (it’s a little more of a gamble during hurricane season from August to October, but you can still get a sunny and hot week). Scattered across the Caribbean Sea, the islands are close enough to make it the world’s premier holiday spot for cruising, but still so different, that it’s sometimes hard to choose one over another. Here are a few pointers to help you choose between them.

Be sure to also check out Tripadvisors 10 Ten Islands in the Caribbean for even more ideas.

Top Family Summer Vacation Ideas

Top Family Summer Vacation IdeasEvery summer we get asked what the top family summer vacation ideas are. We have narrowed it down to the Top 3 Summer Vacations Ideas for families. It will help narrow down how you want to spend your summer vacation.


Have you decided yet where to go on your summer family vacation? If not, you are not alone. Every year, many families spend a lot of time deciding where to go. There are so many choices and options; it can be a difficult choice.

Planning a summer vacation can be easy however if you take the time to do some planning. The first step in planning your summer vacation is not necessarily to choose a destination, but to choose an “action”. Would you like to go camping in the forest, sailing on the ocean, or be relaxing at the pool or beach? The things that you want to do on your vacation are critical to choosing the perfect summer vacation destination.

Now keep in mind that there are many vacation destinations which may be suitable so you will need to have look at several ones that appeal to you and your family before you narrow them down.

Destination and travel brochures can easily be found or ordered online. Brochures are available from most large cities and popular vacation destinations in the United States or overseas. Having glossy pictures can be a good way to show the kids and get everyone excited about the vacation.

Idea #1: If you are looking for a vacation destination that is really family friendly, you might want to consider an amusement park. Amusement parks are located all around the world and they come in a wide variety. For shorter vacations, you can visit a smaller amusement park. For longer vacations, you can select an amusement park that is large in size and has overnight accommodations. These amusement parks are not limited to, but are likely to include, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Disney World.

Idea #2: If a vacation on a beach is more your style, you have a number of options to choose from. There are a large number of beaches located along the Untied States coasts and overseas. It is also important to note that beach vacations do not have to be limited to the coast. There are a number of popular beach resorts located inland too. These inland resorts are often located on large lakes. Popular beaches that you may recognize include Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, South Beach, Panama City Beach, and Santa Barbara Beach.

Idea #3: A third popular choice for summer family vacations is camping. Again, there are many choices so doing your research will help narrow it down. Kids of all ages enjoy what nature has to offer and it is a great learning experience for them too.

So as you can see, you have an unlimited number of options when it comes to choosing a summer vacation destination. This is not however a bad thing. Take the time and decide what activities your family would like to enjoy, research some destination options, consider your time and budget and narrow it down. Maybe this summer, you will have the family vacation of your dreams because what really matters is that you are spending time together.

Visit the Ultimate Guide for Family Beach Vacations:    http://www.bestfamilybeachvacations.com which has great ideas for family beach vacations, kid travel games and other ideas to keep the kids amused on vacation.

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Your Kids Will Love a Family Vacation in Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach

Drive an hour north of Boston and you have your family vacation in Hampton Beach raring to go. Located on the New Hampshire coastline in Rockingham County, this beach is all yours to enjoy for free, along with myriad associated entertainments.

Hampton beach re-defines the whole experience of a day at the beach.

Close at hand are the historic port towns of Newburyport and Portsmouth with stories of their own to tell.

A family vacation in Hampton Beach has plenty for toddlers with their sand buckets and teens with their boogie boards. Then there’s whale watching, jet skiing, and Para-sailing to think about. When they’re done with that, move inland and check out the teeming shops on the boardwalk.

Try the famous fried dough and scrumptious seafood snacks. From fortune tellers to tattoo parlors your family vacation in Hampton Beach has plenty to keep you busy. Souvenir shops abound and so, you have plenty to choose from to commemorate your family travel to Hampton Beach.

Kids will love the amusement arcades with a variety of exciting games for all ages. There are about four of them and the most popular one, Funarama, is where your kids will refuse to call it a day. May be you can tempt them with a visit to the mini-golf or the free concert at the Sea Shell Stage.Hampton Beach

If it’s a Wednesday night, the awesome fireworks display should do the trick. Such is the fun quotient that a family vacation in Hampton Beach simply transports both young and old in an unending wave of elation.

Depending on the time of your visit, there are certain events that may spice up your beach vacation in Hampton Beach. There’s the Sand Castle Competition, the Children’s Festival, Miss Hampton Beach Pageant, Seafood Festival, and the Catamaran Regatta. Besides these there are weekly events that you can look forward to on your family travel to Hampton Beach.


Be prepared to battle huge crowds during the summer months. Being the only beach in the vicinity open free to the public, this is only to be expected.

You could plan your family vacation to Hampton Beach in the cooler months to truly absorb the serenity of deserted beaches and quite restaurants. As it nears winter, most establishments go into hibernation. So if you intend to visit in winter, make reservations, confirm them, and be prepared to enter a ghost town.


Great Ideas for Traveling With Toddler

Legoland with Toddler

Does the prospect of traveling with toddler seem daunting for you?  If it does, you’re not alone.  A lot of parents are afraid to go on a vacation while their children are below five years old.  Toddlers have boundless energy but short attention spans, they’re often picky eaters, and they can be more prone to catching coughs, colds, or other minor illnesses while on the road.

Nevertheless, you don’t really need to become a hermit until your child reaches school age.  Take a look at these great ideas for traveling with a toddler and plan your next family vacation to include small children.

Visit theme parks meant for children

Toddlers and older children alike will appreciate theme parks like Disneyland, which were originally built to cater to the young.  Toddlers will be amazed at the sights and sounds around them, and they will be thoroughly pleased with the gentle rides and attractions meant specifically for little children.  Just be sure to keep an eye on what your child is eating and drinking, since too much candy or soda combined with the rides could make him sick.

Go on a beach vacation

Toddlers are very tactile, and they’re sure to enjoy the sensation of sand between their toes and the waves lapping against their legs.  They’ll also learn a lot from seeing seashells and starfish or spotting crabs running across the sand.  If you live far from the sea, then this type of vacation is sure to be a great learning experience.

Visit a water park

traveling with toddler

If you don’t have the big bucks to fly your family to the Caribbean, you can also cool off at a water park during the hot summer months.  Just be sure that you pick a water park that has a special pool area designed for children.  These areas often feature shallow splash pools and interactive play features that will delight your little one.

Try a sight-seeing trip

Yes, you can explore a foreign European city with your toddler in tow.  Visiting famous cities like Paris or London with your small child isn’t that hard with all the great baby gear such as lightweight strollers and convenient baby bags available.  You’ll be pleased to find that locals will warm up to you so much faster as they are charmed by your child’s antics.

When you’re traveling with a toddler, make sure that you’re well prepared.  Bring basic medications like baby Tylenol, and some band-aids for cuts.  Make sure you know the location of the nearest hospitals or clinic in case of an emergency, and keep track of where your child is at all times.

Staying at an all-inclusive resort that comes with in-house nannies and child-minding programs is a great idea because you’ll get to enjoy the vacation while your toddler is in safe and competent hands.

Traveling with a toddler need not be stressful, and indeed, you will not regret bringing your child along when you see his joy at encountering novel experiences.

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The Reef Resort – All Inclusive Family Resort

The Reef Resort

Located in a secluded area on Grand Cayman Island’s east end, The Reef Resort – now known as the Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman –  is a kid-friendly all-inclusive Caribbean getaway ideal for a tropical family vacation.

Offering a relaxing yet exciting atmosphere, the all inclusive family resort combines fun activities with a calm environment to create the perfect location for both children and adults.

Each of the accommodations at The Reef Resort overlook the Caribbean Sea and the resort’s white sandy beach. Three grand landscaped pools, including one new Infinity pool, are perfect for adults while a child’s pool is safer for young kids. The resort also hosts two beach swimming areas with lifeguards on patrol for sunny days in the sand.

During the day, both kids and adults can enjoy beachside activities, such as snorkelling, scuba diving and various water sports, as well as island bike rides, tours of nearby villages, shopping and horseback riding.

The all inclusive family resort also hosts a number of supervised activities throughout the day, including a daily morning kayak paddle, iguana feeding, tennis and volleyball games and a range of child-friendly activities like Kids CAMP, a movie night for youngsters and fish feeding.

Diving is big in the Cayman Islands and The Reef and Red Sail Sports offer you complete assurance that you will be able to dive every day of your pre-booked dive vacation (Summer Season only). If for any reason they can’t deliver, both your accommodations and the diving are free!

With over 100 dive sites on three coasts (East, North-East and South-East) of Grand Cayman, as well as Red Sail Sports dive operations on the West and North sides, there’s always excellent diving available. Weather will only be an issue on the rarest of occasions as you can always dive on one or more coastlines in the lee of the prevailing weather.

The resort’s location on Grand Cayman’s tranquil and picturesque East End makes it the perfect spot for relaxation.

Combine this with the area’s reputation for the best diving in the Caribbean and being away from all the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach, and you will know you have selected the right spot for the ultimate family beach vacation.

Find Deals for Cayman Islands

TripadvisorFind the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travellers have to say about The Reef Resort


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Family Vacations in Dominica

Dominca Family Vacation

If you are planning family vacations in Dominica you need to be aware that this is an island of approximately 29 miles long and 16 miles wide. It’s not an island which is going to allow you to experience many of the different climates of the Caribbean because of it being so compact. Also do not confuse it with the Dominican Republic

The main town on the island is Roseau. Here you’ll find much of the historical culture to put your family vacation on Dominica into the right context. In the Dominica Museum located in Roseau for example you’ll find artifacts that show life under the various cultures who have ruled there at one time or another throughout its colorful history – for example Native American, Creole, French and British. In the second largest town in Dominica, Portsmouth, you can get closer to nature at the Cabrits National Park

Family Vacations in DominicaBest Time to go to Dominica

Dominica is an ideal family beach vacation because of the temperate weather. Although there is the Caribbean heat, this is cooled to an approximate temperature of 24 degrees by the northeastern trade winds, which makes it perfect even for smaller children who become easily tired and fussy in constant hot weather.

The busiest time of the year is between February and June as this is when it’s less likely to experience much in the way of rainfall. With a rainy season that lasts from July right through until the end of October, and the Caribbean hurricane season which lasts June to November, it’s not difficult to see why the spring and early summer are so popular with tourists!

What to See in Dominica

If you want to get the most out of your family vacations in Dominica then the best way to do that is to rent a car. If you don’t want to pay the hire charges for your entire stay, then consider having a few days to acquaint yourself with Roseau and the beautiful beaches. Then use the car to travel further afield to the other side of the island – not forgetting the Morne Trois Pitsons National Park which is mainly primordial rainforest.

And even if you don’t feel adventurous or energetic enough to tackle the 6 mile trek around the Boiling Lake, you’ll still be awe-inspired at the vastly different sights of nature that live together in this area.

Your kids will love the exciting Game Garage at Beaches Resorts!

In the Portsmouth area your family vacation won’t be complete without a river ride on the Indian River. Try to find one of the park workers to act as your guide so that you get the most out of the trip.

Exclusive Sale at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Water sports are of course popular in Dominica, but if you fancy a change of scenery why not incorporate a day trip to St Lucia into your family vacation? It’s only a short ferry ride away!

Dominica is a small island with a lot of offer Caribbean family vacations in Dominica. With a myriad of Caribbean sporting activities and beautiful landscapes and beaches, you’ll find yourself wishing you had much more time to explore everything it has to offer.

Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other families have to say about hotels in Dominica

Golf Cruises! Click here

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Why Choose Cozumel Vacations for Your Family Mexico Holiday?

Cozumel MexicoWant to know more about Cozumel vacations and know if it’s right for your family? Cozumel is a beautiful island surrounded by more than 25 reef formations.

The perfect environment for even the beginners in your family to dive. Cozumel has long been compared to Cancun vacations for all inclusive family vacations in Mexico.

The island had a laid-back, sedate atmosphere, and its superior fishing, snorkelling and diving gave it a definite edge as a great choice as a Mexico family vacation spot.

If you decide that vacations in Cozumel are right for your family, you will be astonished at the range of activities available.

All family members will enjoy sampling the traditional Mexican southeast cooking combined with delicious seafood. Finally, before you leave, don’t forget to check out the malls that carry beautiful craftwork from all over Mexico.

Find out more about Cozumel for your Mexico family vacation: www.cozumel.travel

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A Family Beach Vacation in Spain Will Be Memorable

Beach Vacation in Spain

Don Quixote – Spain

There are many wonderful resorts, so many coastal towns to choose from, that a family beach vacation in Spain is an experience that you will treasure for years. Spain is famous for its beaches and boasts a never-ending coastline of sand and rock faced shorelines.

In Spain you can be assured of nearly 365 days of warm bright sunshine. This is what attracts millions of families in Spain, all year round to come for a family beach vacation. With so many locations to choose from, it is very difficult to say which spot is ideal for family vacations in Spain.

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Mallorca

Mallorca has miles and miles of sandy beaches. Mallorca is famous for its craggy coastline but you do not have to spend all your time at the beach. There are a number of activities like bird watching, scuba diving, sailing and golf that will keep you busy during your family beach vacation.

If you are into cycling, you have come to the right place. Mallorca, with its mild Mediterranean climate is excellent for cycling. Cycling is a wonderful way to get around and discover this heavenly island for yourself. Do not forget to go hiking to the Tramuntana mountain range that rises to nearly 5,000 feet at Puig Major. This will giving you a fabulous view of Mallorca’s coastline. After visiting Mallorca, your family will want to return here year after year.

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Ibiza

Once you go to Ibiza on your family beach vacation,you would never want to go home! The capital of Ibiza, Ciudad de Ibiza, has beautiful art galleries, clubs, boutiques and restaurants. You can enjoy the old town of D’Alt Vila with its unique cobble streets. Once you are done with beach, you can spend your time at the marina in Ciudad de Ibiza enjoying the ambience and all there is to do there.

Cadiz Beach

Cadiz Beach

Family Beach Vacation in Spain – Costa Brava

Costa Brava is known as the “wild coast” of Spain. The coastline of Costa Brava stretches for 160 kilometers from the French border to Barcelona. It is known for its rugged beauty. Costa Brava can offer you an affordable family beach vacation and you can spend time on the sandy beaches or rocky bays and never get tired of admiring the beauty of its striking cliffs which are adorned with tall pine trees.

Family Beach Vacation In Spain – Costa Blanca

If you are looking for the real Spain and want to spend your family holiday at places not spoilt by excessive tourism, then Costa Blanca is the place to go. Costa Blanca boasts of a 160-kilometer coastline and offers something for every member of a family. Time seems to come to a standstill in Costa Blanca, such is the tranquility of the place. You and your family can take time off from the beach and go on a nature walk, hiking or climbing.

In Spain, no matter where you decide to take your family beach vacation, the fact is that you will be yearning to return to Spain year after year.


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Best Croatia Beach – Enjoy A Family Beach Vacation In Croatia

Croatia Beach Vacation


Croatia beach vacations are fast gaining popularity as a safe and enjoyable destination for families. Most beaches in Croatia are pebbly and rocky, but have the cleanest crystal clear waters in the Mediterranean.

You can be sure that your children will be well entertained with plenty of activities while on a family holiday in Croatia. Each beach offers so much that your family beach vacation in Croatia will be a memorable one.

Family Beach Vacation – Croatia Beach in Crikvenica

The beaches of Crikvenica are made of wide bays with gravel or sand and rock beaches. The main city beach in Crikvenica is 1.5 km long beach situated in the center of the city. You need to purchase a ticket to enter the beach.

Dramalj beach is a must visit beach. It is in the Vinodolski channel, 3 km northeast of Crikvenica. The beach is popular with families because it is shallow and ideal for small children. A tourist complex with sporting and camping facilities is located approximately a kilometer from Dramalj.

Family Beach Vacation – Croatia Beach in Dubrovnik

Copacabana near Dubrovnik is located in Babin Kuk. It is situated at the tip of the Lapad Bay and is around 6 km from Dubrovnik. Copacabana offers a magnificent view of the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Copacabana has a long shingle beach offering a variety of water sports like water polo, water-skiing, surfing, and canoeing. Parachute rides are very popular as you get a bird’s eye view of Dubrovnik. Copacabana caters equally for adults and kids. Kids can play on the sea slide chutes on the beach while adults can spend time in a beach bar or beach restaurant.

The beach also has a diving center, fruit and ice-cream stands and a coffee bar. You can find many hotels in close proximity to the beach.

Family Beach Vacation – Croatia Beach in Jelsa

Slovenia BeachJelsa is a small town on Hvar Island. Jelsa has a natural harbor and the town is built around it. Jelsa has beautiful coves that are ideal for a family beach vacation in Croatia. Pine forests, olive groves and vineyards form a beautiful green fringe along the clean sandy beaches of Jelsa.

If you are taking small children for family travel to Croatia then Mina is the right choice. Mina is a sandy cove that is to the east of Jelsa. At Mina, you do not have to worry about accommodation since there is a hotel close by offering all modern amenities required to make your family beach vacation an unforgettable experience.

Find more family beach vacations in Europe

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Family Italy Travel – A Must Do Family Beach Vacation

Family Italy Travel Italy has always been known for family ties, togetherness and relaxation. So why should family Italy travel be any different.

Children are fascinated by a country that is shaped like a boot. While parents love Italy because the beaches are safe, family-friendly and offer the family the most enjoyable family vacation.

The 15-mile stretch from Cesenatico to Ravenna in Romagna is considered to be a perfect destination for a family beach vacation in Italy.

The beaches are sandy and waters are shallow and calm. The beaches offer children a lot of activities to keep them busy. There are water slides, playgrounds and even swimming pools on the beach.

If children get tired of the sun and sand, they can go to the amusement park in Gatteo a Mare. Once they have had their fill there, they can enjoy the wonders of the sea in Rimini which has a magnificent ‘ocean world’.

Parents and kids can really enjoy, relax and be at ease here. It is because of all of the above that this destination is esteemed to be one of the best family Italy travel destinations.

Tuscany is also a region that has a number of beaches suited for a family beach vacation in Italy. Another attractive destination called Marina di Castagneto di Donoratico has nice family friendly beaches. If the kids have had enough of the beach, they can visit the amusement park that is quite close to the beaches.

If you get tired of Castagneto di Donoratico and want solitude, you can visit San Vincenzo. San Vincenzo has lots of hotels and beautiful beaches. It is a small town where life comes to a standstill after sunset.

No visit to Italy is complete without visiting the island of Sicily. Marina di Ragusa is the best beach in southern Sicily. Children will love the water sports here, and not to forget, the ice cream parlors that dot the beach. Marina di Ragusa is a wonderful place for family Italy travel. Of course, when you are in Sicily, you should not miss the famous Mount Etna.

Gargano Italy

Naples is famous for its azure water and has long been a preferred destination for family Italy travel.

Children will love Naples for the variety of pizza there, especially when they find out that Naples is the birthplace of the pizza.

You can visit the famous National Archaeological Museum of Naples to view ancient Greek and Roman relics. If you have nothing to do, you can while away your time visiting the beautiful churches.

Italy has so many beaches that are ideal for family Italy travel that the list could on and on. I have taken the liberty to just mention a few. However, do not let that stop you from having the best family beach vacation in Italy ever!


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