3 Family Jamaica Resorts Secrets You Never Knew About


family Jamaica resorts

If the pace of modern life is wearing you down, it might be a good idea to take your loved ones with you on a vacation at one of the nicer family Jamaica resorts.  After all, Jamaica is one of the best places to go if you’d like an exotic getaway where your mind and spirit will be refreshed by lovely vistas and the more laid-back pace of island life.

Family Jamaica resorts will also you and your children to have fun together and have time to yourselves when you feel like it.  Here are a few good things you’ll find at family Jamaica resorts. We do have 3 Family Jamaica resorts secrets to tell you about but first let’s find out a bit more about your family vacation to Jamaica.

Jamaica has a friendly environment

Jamaicans are known for being a warm and welcoming people, and you’ll find that this is true the moment you enter a family-friendly resort in Jamaica.  In general, the people on the island are accustomed to tourists and are proud of their home.  They’re usually more than willing to help you find your way around and get acquainted with Jamaica’s different attractions.

Enjoy the relaxed vibe

It’s often the frenetic pace of modern life that runs us ragged.  In our hurry to meet deadlines and achieve more than the next guy, we often forget the things that really matter.  The atmosphere in Jamaica is vastly different.  There is plenty of merrymaking on the island, and you’ll find that music and dancing are part of the entertainment at many resorts.  You’ll be able to let your hair down, get rid of your inhibitions, and simply appreciate the beauty of nature and the company of your family and the new friends that you’re sure to make.

A chance to enjoy beautiful beaches

Jamaica is a very attractive Caribbean island. You’ll relish the feel of soft white sand underfoot, and you’ll be dazzled by the clear blue and green water.  Many family resorts have beach access, so you and your kids will get your fill of the sun, sand, and surf.  If you want, you can even try your hand at some exciting water sports or go diving and snorkelling to see tropical fishes, plants, and coral.

An opportunity to taste good food

Family resorts put a premium on dining, and there will be ample opportunity for you to sample the flavours of the island.  The food is made from the fresh, abundant bounty of the sea and the farms.  You and your kids are sure to appreciate the unique dishes that you will be served while in Jamaica.

A chance to experience local culture.

The Jamaican cultural scene is very colourful and vibrant.  At the resorts, you can listen to authentic Jamaican music, try traditional massages and treatments, or simply expand your mental horizons by mingling with the guests and staff.

Family Jamaica resorts are truly some of the best places to spend your vacation.  Not only do you get to be with your family in a lovely location, you get to experience a great ambience, good food, and lively culture as well.

So what are the 3 Family Jamaica Resorts Secrets You Never Knew?

The first secret is to travel in the Off Peak season which is May to November. It will be less crowded and cheaper.  The second secret is to plan what to do before you go. There are great beaches but you can also enjoy fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and visit waterfalls just to name a few. And the 3rd secret? There are over 700 resorts in Jamaica– choose yours carefully.

If you want to experience like a Jamaican royalty, checking in the Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios is something you may want to try. There you have everything available for you for a memorable vacation.

Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios – A Family Jamaica Resorts

If you are looking for simple, pleasant accommodations for your family beach vacation in Jamaica, pick Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios.  Rooms dub themselves “the best little hotels in Jamaican” and indeed, they are quite ideal for those travellers who aren’t looking for lavish five star accommodations.  Instead, what you get is a nice, safe place to stay where you can have a truly authentic experience of island life.  Here are some reasons to choose Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios on your next vacation.


Rooms On the Beach Ocho Rios

Comfortable rooms

The Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios is not the Ritz, but it is a great place to stay if you’re looking for the basics and intend to spend most of your time out of doors – which you should anyway, since you want to make the most out of your chance to visit the Caribbean.  The rooms are clean and comfortable, and you can choose to have a large family room or an ocean front room depending on what suits your fancy.

Beach access

As the name of this resort implies, the ocean is not very far off.  In fact, it is located right on a clean, sandy beach so you get to experience what it’s like to live with the sea right next door.  If you feel like it, you can take an early morning or late afternoon stroll barefoot on the sand with the surf kissing your feet.  The children will also love the chance to play on the beach with their siblings or other kids staying at the hotel.

Beach at Rooms on the Beach



Reasonable price

Do you really need a mini bar, slippers, chocolates on the pillow and tiny bottles of shampoo?  If you do not think you do, then Rooms is a good choice for you.  Because you’re not paying for all these extras that you can probably do without, you can use your cash for other things besides pricey hotel accommodations.  If you are pretty flexible and simply need a secure room, and basic amenities like a modern bath, you should be fine at Rooms on the Beach.

Good food

The quality of the meals you get while on vacation are important.  You may want to treat yourself to a gourmet experience a couple of times, but simple, delicious fare is what you are looking for on a day-to-day basis.  The food at Rooms on the Beach is known for being quite good, and breakfast comes with your accommodations.  If you buy food at some of the local restaurants within reach, you can sit down and have your meal at the hotel’s dining area too.

Access to activities and attractions

The Rooms is also a good family Jamaica resort because it does not insulate you from the real Jamaica.  It is within easy access of a craft market, food stores and boutiques.  The staff also helps you access activities like golf, deep-sea fishing, cruising, and going on excursions.

If you would like no-frills accommodations and real down-to-earth fun when you go to Jamaica, visit Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios. Find great deals with Expedia:




Rooms on the Beach Ocho Rios



FamilyMoons at Beaches Resorts

FamilyMoons at Beaches Resorts

Do you now what WeddingMoons and FamilyMoons are? Of the more than two million marriages annually in the U.S., almost 50 percent are re – marriages and 65 percent of re – marriages involve couples with children according to wedding industry consultant, Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts in Orlando, FL.

Known for offering the very best in family getaways, Beaches Resorts in response has created – FamilyMoons – which incorporate the entire family into the wedding ceremony and celebration.

Family Moons are designed to join not just two people – but two families into one as an extension of the popular WeddingMoons concept, which combines the wedding and honeymoon into one idyllic location.

Unity Sand Ceremony – Illustrating this idea best is the latest addition to the Beaches Resorts FamilyMoons package.With Caribbean white sand, the Unity Sand Ceremony literally symbolizes the coming together of two families into one. With the side vessels representing each of the family members and the center vessel which is their new family, brides, brooms and their children each receive beautiful nesting vases.

Joann Delgin, Chief Romance Officer for Beaches Resorts says, “The notion of brining children along on a honeymoon was unheard of twenty years ago, but the times have changed and we’ve seen a marked increase in couples seeking unique ways to joyously celebrate what was once yours and mine into what is now ‘ours’.”

Wedding Groups at Beaches Resort

Including an enhanced experience with Preston Bailey, Beaches Resorts offers other optional ways additionally to make your special day even more perfect:

  • Preston Bailey is an internationally celebrated event designer and wedding planner and has created a selection of exceptional wedding packages available exclusively to Beaches Resorts guests.
  • Allowing those seeking the perfect destination wedding more customized selections for their special day, Preston Bailey Signature WeddingMoons allow these.
  • The Floral Elegance Collection ,
  • The Water Lily Collection,
  • The Caribbean Sunset Collection  and The Crystal Collection
  • The Sea Mist Collection  – each of these five packages includes beautifully designed wedding settings and décor such as contemporary floral screens or a tree filled with orchids, crystals and candlelight.

To groups who book ten rooms or more through the Group Wedding department, the Beaches FamilyMoons package is complimentary and includes the following amenities:

Family Reunions at Beaches Resorts
  • For the Bride and Groom (excluding Butler Suites) is the Complimentary Upgrade of one Category.
  • Picturesque Ceremony Location: There are many romantic settings to choose from which are intimate wedding gazebos, to tropical gardens or on the beach at the sunset, with four Beaches Resorts located in Turks and Caicos and Jamaica.
  • A Professional Wedding Consultant: The ones who can help make that special day absolutely magical are the wedding consultants and all Beaches Resorts are staffed with them. They can take care of choosing the flowers which includes the bouquet and boutonniere in addition to arranging for the perfect location on property, ordering the two – tiered Caribbean wedding cake, hiring the photographer and organizing an elaborate Caribbean – style champagne and hors d’oeuvres reception. Including organizing wedding documentation, arranging a marriage official, coordinate legal fees and preparing certified copies of the marriage license, the wedding consultants also handle details.
  • Personalized Services of a Beaches FamilyMoons Concierge: To make the experience even more memorable, groups will be assigned their own personal concierge to assist in making special arrangements such as dining reservations and off property tours.
  • Personalized Gifts: For staying five nights or longer, each FamilyMoons couple receives two “Just Married” t – shirts and one 5×7 professional wedding photo.
  • After the wedding for Bride and Groom, Continental Breakfast in Bed in the morning is serviced.
  • During their stay, Romantic Dinner for Bride and Groom one evening.
  • Including Hors d’eoeuvres and a Caribbean Wedding Cake which is valued at $15.00 pp, a Private Wedding Reception.
  • At the Exclusive Red Lane Spa, a 35 Minute Massage for the Groom
  • For every 25 paid rooms in the wedding party, One Complimentary Room
  • To make for a smooth and easy check – in process, Pre – registration and group check – in upon arrival, especially with the little ones in tow!
  • Group Discounts: Receiving discounts on select off – property tours are groups of five or more people.
  • Unity Sand Ceremony: This unity ceremony is different than the traditional candle ceremony, symbolic of the joining of two families, as all family members participate by pouring sand direct from the island beaches into a nesting vase, commemorating the creation of a new family (available at a cost of $100 for groups booking less than ten rooms).

Make the Celebration of Love a family affair at Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos!

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Where to Stay During Family Beach Vacations in Brazil

Family Beach Vacations in Brazil

You ought to seriously consider taking family beach vacations in Brazil. Beach vacations in Brazil are a fantastic idea, especially since this country has countless attractions and simply the best beaches.

Brazilian beach culture is the most vibrant in the world, and the entire country is full of friendly people, delicious food, and good music.In fact, Brazil is perfect for people who love to have a good time, whether they’re fifteen years old or fifty.

Of course, family beach vacations in Brazil are a lot more fun when you choose family-friendly resorts.Here are some of a few places to stay during your Brazilian adventure.

Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort

This gorgeous beach resort is for families with grown children, as it is only mean for guests 18 years or older.This resort lies on the Santa Catarina Coast, and offers its guests both privacy and luxury. Stay in one of twenty comfortable bungalows and treat yourself to a massage or some fine cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.

Of course, it’s also the perfect place to get started on a family – this resort is also a prime honeymoon destination.

Breezes Buzios

Located on Tucuns beach,this resort is has something for everybody. It offers attractive group packages and access to five restaurants and bars.Their bungalows also have direct access to the pool. Active youngsters will especially love the fact that it has amenities created especially for their enjoyment, including a skateboarding bowl designed by skateboard champion Sandro Dias.

Vila Gale Eco Resort de Angra

A stay at this resort will add a bit of diversity to family beach vacations in Brazil.This eco resort is also surrounded by forest, besides allowing you to visit various bays and islands.

Vila Gale is known for being kid-friendly; don’t hesitate to take your little ones along, even preschoolers.You can be sure they’ll be taken care of, although kids below four need an adult companion.

This resort has a spa and four restaurants.You can also enjoy activities like canopy walking and nautical sports, and of course, some diving.

Club Med Rio das Pedras

Club Med is always a favourite with families.That’s because this resort has made it a point to allow parents to sit back and relax while the kids are engaged with fun activities and competent child monitors.There is a care package for babies, as well as special programs for teens.

There’s also a great beach for everyone, along with archery classes and the option to go on fun excursions.

Costao do Santinho

This resort has been named the best Brazilian beach resort six times in a row.Families staying here can enjoy trekking, diving, cultural shows, sports, and even activities designed especially for children.

Family beach vacations in Brazil can be a real blast, especially if you stay at family friendly resorts that give you the best of both worlds: time with your kids, and occasionally, time for yourself as well.

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