5 Beautiful Family Beach Vacation Destinations That Will Delight You

When it comes to family vacation ideas and activities, going on a family beach vacation takes the number one spot. And who doesn’t love going to the beach? Why it is the perfect vacation activity to do.

You frolic and take a dip at the warm waters of the ocean, enjoy the many water activities and bask in the glory of the sun’s ray. Nothing beats that. And when it comes to giving your family some vacation fun, these destinations are simply the best beach destinations you can take your family to for that good ole splash of the hot sun.

These vacation destinations are best known for their beaches that your family can definitely have a great time enjoying.



Brazil Family Beach Vacation

Ipanema Beach Brazil

Brazil has been touted to be one of those countries with a very vibrant and active beach culture. It is hard not to associate the beach life with Brazil. If you ever ask someone which country they will go to for some sun and sand, you definitely will be pointed to largest country in South America.

It is also not hard to imagine the bikini wearing and trunks sporting Brazilian beach-goers. And every other beach lover is heading this way.

Of course, you can never go wrong with the famous Copacabana Beach in Rio. You and your entire family can enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If your family loves a huge beach crowd, then this is the place to be.

But, if you want to jive to the bossa nova beats in a more upscale beach crowd, just past the Copacabana Beach is yet another famous family beach vacation destination, the Ipanema. This destination has become one of the icons of sizzling hot beach fun and of you have heard the song about by now.

If you think going to Rio in Brazil is a bit too typical and predictable, you can enjoy the many beaches of the state of Bahia. With a name that means “bay”, you will definitely know that you will never run out of sights of ocean waves and beautiful sunsets. Porto da Barra in Salvador, Bahia is just one of the perfect places to spot wonderful sunsets. Or you can enjoy some sunbathing and surfing at Ithacare in Bahia.

And then there are the soft sand beaches of Sao Paulo. You choose from the crowded and commercialized Guaraja Beaches or you can be enthralled by Praia de Encanto Beach or the more rustic Sao Sabastiao Beach.

It is not just the beach and the sand that you will enjoy in Brazil; you will also certainly enjoy the vibrant culture, music, dance and people in this ultimate beach destination.



Thailand Family Beach Vacation

This tropical paradise in South-East Asia has some of the most astonishing and marvellous beaches in the world. It is no wonder that the movie entitled The Beach, starring Leonardo di Caprio, was filmed on the Thai island of Kho Phi Phi. Though far from the place of tranquillity that it used to be because of commercialization, it now boasts of a very active beach life.

If you want a wide expanse of sand and water, Patong Beach in the island of Phuket is where you should be. It is also the most popular beach destination in Thailand. This is the beach vacation place to be if you want a destination that is teeming with an energetic crowd and pulsating night life.

You can also dine and shop at the many nearby establishments on the beach. But, if you want a more romantic (yes you can enjoy romantic settings on a family vacation!) and quieter place to spend with your loved ones, you can relax and kick back at Kata Beach, Phuket.

Here you get to enjoy the warm waters of Thailand and its beautiful scenery. You can certainly feel relaxed without the energetic feel you that can be found on Patong Beach.

Aside from that you can enjoy swimming at the waters of Lamai Beach, Samui or enjoy some peace and quiet at the small, private island of Koh Mun Nork. And if you want to take a dive and explore the wonders of what is under the sea of this Asian nation, you can head on out to Sairee Beach in Koh Tao.



Maldives Family Beach Vacation


Some may not be familiar of this chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, but the unassuming nation of Maldives is a hidden paradise that boasts of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. If you are fascinated with colorful marine life and corals, this is the best place to explore the wonders of the sea.

And it is good to know that Maldives has a total of 31 protected areas, so you know that its waters are kept at its finest pristine beauty.

With its 26 atolls, Maldives has beach destinations that will suit the many interests of any beach-goer of any age. Maldives waters are some of the best for surfing, windsurfing and waterskiing.

And the nation is filled with resorts that can house you and your family on this exotic beach vacation. The Four Seasons Resort in Kuda Huraa is just a few minutes away from the best surfing spot in Maldives.

If you want to go on a romantic getaway perhaps without the kids, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of greens and blues at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru.

Diving enthusiasts and snorkellers will surely take pleasure in discovering the colorful life that lies beneath the waves of Reethi Beach.

Meanwhile, you can always enjoy a family getaway at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. This luxurious family-friendly resort has a kid’s club where your children can enjoy fun activities like going on a mini submarine to explore the ocean bed.

Maldives has also been synonymous to lavish and extravagant beach vacations. You can even rent out an entire island like the Dhoni Island and experience an exclusive family beach vacation.



Greece Family Beach Vacation

Santorini, Greece

Greece has been considered to be one a destination with amazing scenery and culture. It is but fitting that Greece is the home of many gods and goddesses. For sure, these cosmic deities have taken delight at the beautiful landscape that this Mediterranean country boasts of.

As stunning as its picturesque natural beauty is, the equally charming beaches that are, by far, one of the best in the world.

No sea water is as blue as the waters you will see in Navagio Beach in Zakynthos. This stunning piece of beauty with powdery white sand is back dropped by magnificently carved cliffs. This could very well be the relaxing place of the mythological mermaids and the goddess Aphrodite.

For sure, you would also never want to leave this paradise too soon and miss out the dazzling sunset.

You can also enjoy the Aegean blue waters of the seemingly untouched beaches of Pori Beach in Ano Koufonisi and Sarti Beach in Chalkidiki for your family beach vacation. You can never mention the word Greece and beach in one sentence without thinking about Santorini. While Santorini boasts of many wonderful beaches, nothing is quite as unique and as intriguing as the Red Beach that is locked against a red-rock cliff.

Or if red is not your thing, you can get pink sand in between your toes at the Elafonisi Beach in Crete.

But, if you want a beach that is teeming with locals and tourists, you can head on out with your family at the Paradise Beach in Mykonos or Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia. And just a couple miles south of Athens, is the activity-filled Vouliagmeni Beach.

But one thing is for certain, whether you are in a crowded or deserted beach in Greece, it holds a promise of a beautiful scenery of the perfect shade of blue, green, white and sometimes, a touch of red, pink and brown.



Australia Family Beach Vacation

There is more to the Land Down Under than just kangaroos, koalas and the outback, Australia is also home to the best beaches in the world.

What is best is that just when it is winter in Canada and the United States; it is also the time that gets the hottest in Australia. So, it is the perfect destination to head on to for a family getaway for a beach vacation.

The warm waters of Australia are the one of the best surfing spots in the world. So, if your family loves to hang ten, Agnes Water in Queensland is definitely where you should take your surfboard with you.

Or you can take on the massive and powerful waves at Surfer’s Point in Western Australia or explore and ride the waves at one of the world’s most famous surfing beaches – Bells Beach.

If you are heading to Sydney for a family vacation, you will be happy to know that there are tons of beaches nearby for you to enjoy some swimming and some beach fun.

You can go worship the sun and get a sun tan at the famous Bondi Beach, Manly Beach or the Palm Beach. Other tourist cities like Melbourne has Australia’s biggest surf fishing spot at the Ninety Mile Beach, while Perth’s Cottlestone Beach is one of the best places to go snorkelling or relax at Scarborough Beach.

Of course, Australia waters are synonymous with the Great Barrier Reef. Nearby beaches like the Whitehaven Beach and Four Mile Beach offer a great place to enjoy the sand and the waters beneath the waves for some snorkelling and scuba diving experiences.

So, the next time you plan for a family beach vacation, pack your sunblock lotion, bathing suits and beach towels and head out to these exotic beach spots.

You can go jump right in and enjoy these beautiful beach destinations and have some fun with the entire family.


What are the Best Family Resorts in Fiji?

Jean Michel Cousteau Fiji Island Resort

Many families who want to go on family beach vacations now opt to go Fiji. Many choose to go here to have some fun together as there many family resorts in Fiji. It also helps that Fiji is quite accessible, only 2,700 kilometers away from Brisbane, with several flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane throughout the week.

For many, it is also a good choice as the area is not known for having any severe disease occurrences such as yellow fever or malaria. Most health authorities even recommend staying in Fiji.

Of course, if you are to stay in family resorts in Fiji, it is best that you acquaint yourself with the most well-known in the area and the special accommodations and services you can expect from them. Listed below are some of the most highly recommended family resorts in Fiji.

Castaway Island, Fiji

Castaway Island has several types of accommodations ideal for families. They bures, which can accommodate four to five persons, with either an ocean or beachfront view. It is highly recommended as the view is wonderful and the beaches and coral reefs are only a few steps away. If there are more in the family, the family beach bure can also be taken advantage of.

For kids, there is a special kid’s club that has various nature activities, water contests and a safe kid’s pool. There are regular kid’s club staff who take care and watch over the kids as parents go swim in the adult’s pool or perhaps get a bite to eat or a drink at the restaurants.

Castaway Island is also known for having escorted dives to some of the most famous spots in Fiji. Children can even accompany parents on the dives. For the less adventurous, there are also available snorkelling activities.Family Resorts in Fiji

Shangri-La Fijian Resort and Spa

The Shangri-La in Fiji is one of the largest family resorts in Fiji. It is actually on 30 hectares of a private island, which can be accessed from a causeway bridge from the main island of Fiji. There are plenty of activities, which both parents and children can enjoy together; these include golf, scuba diving, snorkeling and various water sports. For kids in particular, the resort has a Little Chief’s Club and a stay-and-eat-free program for kids.

Parents might also enjoy the spa service of the resort. Most of all, Shangri-La Fijian Resort and Spa offers a special Fijian Family Getaway package for its customers.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Island Resort

This resort is found on Vanua Levu, the second biggest island in Fiji. It’s located on a coconut plantation and provides an amazing view of Savusavu bay, where its visitors can go diving or snorkelling. There are big bures available, with views either of the garden or ocean.

Like the other resorts, Jean-Michel Cousteau also has a kid’s club which is free for all child guests under the age of thirteen. Nannies for those under the age of five are available in the club, which is open until 9:00pm, allowing parents to have their own alone time or adventure time.


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Where To Go For Great Family Vacations in Australia

Australia Vacation

Family vacations in Australia are popular because of the diversity that the country has to offer. Additionally, there is an abundance of activities and interesting places to visit for both adults and children in this wonderland, which makes family vacations in Australia the most happening thing.

Australia is an isolated island on its own that is close to the exotic Great Barrier Reef. With it’s golden beaches with crystal clear water, basalt plains, extinct volcanoes, wide open spaces, scenic mountain ranges, flora and fauna, extensive coastlines, vast rivers, and world’s oldest rainforest, it is the greatest place to experience joyful exploration for many families.

Below is the list of the popular places, which you mustn’t miss if you are planning a family vacation in Australia.

New South Wales

The New South Wales inhabitants are never away from adventure with the Great Dividing Range as their neighbor. The Great Dividing Range runs close and parallel to the thickly populated eastern seaboard. The Great Dividing Range is rugged from many parts.

The patches of the glorious virgin forest fill the valleys and cloak the peaks of the region. Though eucalypt forests dominate the region, there are also the beautiful alpine heaths covering the southern high peaks. Along with all these, the subtropical rainforests’ scattered pockets offer endless adventures and challenges to rock climbers, bush land walkers, and mountain bikers.

The snowy mountain peaks and the wonderful resorts are top attractions to persuade you to take a family vacation in Australia this year.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is renowned for its spectacular scenery, great landmarks of Kata Tjuta and Uluru, aboriginal culture and wetlands of

Sydney Australia

Kakadu. This territory is appealing but nevertheless a can be a less visited travel destination. Most interestingly, the extreme weather of the place has the potential of making an adventure out of a mere outing, which can be fun for many vacation goers. In all, the experience is worth of a lifetime for the well-prepared travelers.

The region’s unlimited potential for exploring the wilderness is what makes this family vacation in Australia very popular.


While on your family vacation in Australia, do not miss sightseeing in Queensland, best known for its most remarkable variety of environments and scenery, which make family vacations in Australia, especially family vacations to this region a spectacle.

Some of these landscapes have also been identified by the UNESCO as categories to be listed in the world heritage. The most amazing of these landscapes that make family vacations in Australia sheer delight are the Great Barrier Reef and ancient rainforests that run from Cape York to the border of New South Wales.

The Gold Coast is located in this area just below Brisbane, famous for its pristine beaches and scenery (such as this waterfall at Natural Arch National Park, a refreshing day out when visiting the Gold Coast) attracts many families each year.

South Australia

Make sure that you visit the driest state on your family vacation to Australia. This region has adventures of very different nature for the travelers. The extremely dry weather makes the availability of shade and water hard, leaving scope for arduous undertakings only for the winter.

You wouldn’t stop marveling at the rugged mountain ranges running northwards, starting from Adelaide and culminating in the Flinders and Gammon ranges. This region has ample challenges to offer to climbers and cyclists who have come for a family vacation in Australia on a lookout for adventure.


Family Vacations in Australia Recommendations:

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    Recommended family attractions in Melbourne and Adelaide  
    Recommended Family Attractions in Australia  
    See our top hotel deals for family vacations to Sydney, Australia

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Find A Great Family Vacation Resort in Australia

For North Americans, a visit to a family vacation resort in Australia could be a long-haul ride on plane but you are sure to have your dollar go far here – really far.

The wildlife, scenic beauty, and adventures are so unique that they are bound to lure you into this paradise on earth. What’s more, many family vacation resorts in Australia are extremely family friendly. The specialty of family vacation resorts in Australia are that they have everything – right from places to play, stay and eat to the relaxing ambiance in spas and Jacuzzis – on their guests’ disposal. There are plenty of good family vacation resorts in Australia.

Here are some of the amenities you can look forward to while you stay in Australia:

Daydream Island Resort & Spa

Daydream Island

This family vacation resort in Australia is situated in the Whitsunday Islands on Queensland’s north eastern coast, in the midst of the Great Barrier Reef. This family vacation resort in Australia offers a variety of accommodation, each opening into refreshing views from balconies, for fulfilling family vacations.Along with provisions of savoring scenic beauty, the resort offers an array of fun-filled activities, contemporary facilities, magnificent dining experiences, secluded beaches, and adventures in the spectacular rainforests.

Besides a modern outdoor cinema showing the latest blockbusters, this family vacation resort in Australia offers the country’s premium themed and 19-hole mini golf course, together with spas, live coral reef, baby sitting, kids club, snorkeling, scuba diving, helicopter riding, fish feeding, swimming and much more.

Find out more about Daydream Island Resort


Hamilton Island Resorts

With six hotels, Hamilton Island caters to everyone. This family vacation resort area in Australia is nestled within 74 tropical Whitsunday islands, off Queensland coast and at Great Barrier Reef’s edge.

This family vacation resort area in Australia is for families, both big and small, and offers superb self-contained accommodation.

Dining in Hamilton Island is fun because of the sheer luxury of finding everything on the menu in select restaurants. In this family vacation resort area in Australia, there are facilities for sports and fun for the entire family – be it adults or children. With go-karts, Koala Gallery, water sports and tours, mini-golf, pool games, snorkeling, hiking, fishing, beachcombing, and much more,Hamilton Island family vacation resorts in Australia are among the most sought after in Australia.

Find out about hotels on Hamilton Island


Hotel Grand Chancellor Palm Cove

Novotel Palm Cove Resort

The Hotel Grand Chancellor Palm Cove family vacation resort in Australia is located a 25 minutes drive away distance from the North of Cairns, the spot wheremagnificent tropical rainforests meet Coral Sea’s aqua blue water. This family vacation resort in Australia provides its guests contemporary luxury facilities and plush accommodation set beautifully on a hundred acre in Palm Cove Village.

The low rise buildings in the resorts are beautifully wrapped in spectacular landscaping offering fulfilling stay in Australia.

Find reviews about the Hotel Grand Chancellor Palm Cove


The Hilton Adelaide

The Hilton Adelaide is situated in the heart of Adelaide, approximately two miles from Adelaide International and Domestic Airport. Local attractions include Cleland National Wildlife Park, Adelaide Zoo, and Supreme Court.

Hotel amenities include multilingual staff, laundry/valet services, baggage storage, beauty salon, concierge, currency exchange, gift shop, tour assistance, safe deposit box, room service, babysitting, business center, fax/photocopying services, fitness room, jogging track, tennis court, and pool. Onsite drinks and dining options include The Brasserie, Grange Restaurant, Hilton Red Star Deli, Charlies Bar, Margaux NightClub, and Lobby Lounge.

Find more great hotel deals in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Top Family Attractions In Melbourne

Family Attractions in Melbourne

Healesville Sanctuary

In order to enjoy the natural beauty of family attractions in Melbourne, Victoria’s walking and riding trails offer the best way. Melbourne is located on the banks of the Yarra River is the capital of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia so the location is ideal for this.

The trails cover diverse landscapes ranging from National Park wilderness to spotless gardens, from clear lakes to a multitude of beaches, from rolling mountain ranges to deserts. Several hiking trails can be found close to Melbourne within driving distance of the city. Many other great family attractions in Melbourne are outside the city limits.

Nature lovers will enjoy the penguin parade at Phillip Island, the open-range Werribee Zoo and the popular Healesville Sanctuary. Food lovers want to visit the Yarra Valley wineries to try pinot noir and eat at the region’s many restaurants. Hundreds of beautiful mountains, lakes and valleys lie within an hour’s drive of Melbourne.

Green and gold trams circle the city providing efficient transportation in the easy-going character of days gone by.

Children will love the riverboat cruises, water taxis, and gondola rides that provide the best in water travel on the Yarra River.

They will also relish a visit to a shark at Melbourne Aquarium and an afternoon at the Melbourne zoo for family attractions in Melbourne. It’s only a short ferry boat ride across Port Phillip Bay to Williamstown and St Kilda, the beach suburbs that serve as the playgrounds of Melbourne.

Melbourne is affordable, welcoming, and the place to relax and be yourself while exploring one of the great cities of the world. With Over 3000 restaurants offering excellent cuisine accompanied by splendid local wines. This friendly multicultural city is home to people from over 140 nations, a fact that is reflected in the excellence and variety of the menu choices that are available. There are plenty of family attractions in Melbourne to please everyone.

Como House

Como,with its impressive architecture and extensive garden was the home of the Armytage family for 95 years. It is now possible to explore the life and social history of this family as it was in the 1920s and 1930s and take advantage of the many family activities and programs that have been developed to bring to life the history of those times.

Gold Treasury Museum

The Gold Treasury symbolizes the wealth of the gold rush era, and showcases a diverse ongoing program of exhibitions. Built on Gold explores the legacy of Victoria’s gold.

Healesville Sanctuary

Stroll with kangaroos, meet an emu on the path and encounter colourful birds in a natural bushland setting. An easy drive from Melbourne. Day tours make a great family attraction in Melbourne.

Imax-The Museum Complex

The sights are bigger at Imax Melbourne. See the world as you’ve never seen it before, on the world’s biggest screen at the Imax theatre.

Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium provides an innovative environment where fish are heroes and visitors can achieve the ultimate underwater experience. Walk through clear tubes,surrounded by 7 metres of water, watch great sharks, stingrays and other aquatic life. A total immersion experience from the moment visitors meet their electronic host fish and disappear into the exhibit zones, until they exit experiencing the excitement of state-of-the-art simulator rides.

Melbourne River Cruises

No visit to Melbourne would be complete without an award-winning trip on the Yarra with fantastic views and informative commentary in the comfort of a Melbourne River Cruiser. Choose from the Scenic River Gardens up river cruise, the Port and Docklands down river cruise, or for the complete city experience, the Melbourne Highlights up and down river cruise. All vessels are fully enclosed with on board amenities and snack bar.

Melbourne Zoo

A visit to the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Zoo is a fantastic experience. Wander through an African Rainforest where gorillas bask in the sun, mandrills forage on the forest floor and pygmy hippopotamus drift through the river. Observe otters playing in the rapids or enter the steamy brilliance of the Butterfly House. View Australian animals in the exhibit entitled Australian Bush.

Family Attractions in Melbourne – Old Melbourne Gaol

Victoria’s oldest surviving penal establishment. Today it houses a fascinating exhibition on the 19th century jail life including the death masks and memorabilia of some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminals. Alternatively, book a Night Performance and explore the gaol by candlelight which is fun for family attractions in Melbourne.

Puffing Billy Railway

This world famous steam railway travels through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave, only one hour east of Melbourne, to Emerald Lake Park and Gembrook,every day of the year, except Christmas Day. Together with traditional rail journeys, First Class options available are, Devonshire Tea, Luncheon or Dinner,in luxury fully enclosed dinning carriages. Easily accessible by fast electronic train from Melbourne. .

Rialto Towers Observation Deck

For family attractions in Melbourne, check out the spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of Melbourne and surrounds, from the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and makes for one of the great family attractions in Melbourne. Facilities include Rialto Vision the award winning sight and sound extravaganza, gift shop, licensed cafe, function room and Zoom City live action cameras.

Rippon Lea

Rippon Lea is the last of Australia’s great privately owned 19th century suburban estates. The Victorian Pleasure garden, of international significance, includes a lake, island and bridges as well as a large Victorian Fernery. The mansion retains much of the Victorian splendour of the Sargood family but also reflects the 1930s Hollywood style of its last owner, Mrs. Louisa Jones.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Discover one of the great gardens of the world, only minutes from Melbourne’s heart.Stroll through landscapes displaying plants from across the globe, join a guided walk or take a self-guided audio tour. Exclusive gift shop and cafes in magnificent setting.

Captain Cook’s Cottage

This family attractions in Melbourne is a historical cottage that Captain Cook purportedly once lived in was transported to its present site from Yorkshire in 1934. The cottage is located in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens close to the city center and the MCG, you can get to the cottage via the free City Circle tram, which stops a short walking distance from the cottage.The cottage is a place to visit for those interested in Melbourne and Australia’s History, though it may not interest very small children.

Scienceworks Museum

Scienceworks,another great family attraction in Melbourne, is an award winning hands-on science and technology museum. Encompassing the Melbourne Planetarium,Scienceworks features changing exhibitions, historic objects, live shows, tour sand events.

Victorias Open Range Zoo at Werribee

Experience a unique wildlife safari. Enjoy close up views of grassland animals from Africa,Australia and Asia. Rhinos range free with giraffe, zebra and antelopes, while hippos wallow in waterholes and kangaroos graze nearby. Facilities include guided safari, walking trails, discovery centre, Meerkat Bistro & Function Centre and Safari Shop, lots of family attractions in Melbourne

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Where to Find the Best Family Attractions in Australia

Bondi Beach

If you’re planning to spend some quality time with your loved ones, why not go to see some of the best family attractions in Australia?  The Land Down Under is a great place to go when you’re travelling with kids. You get to enjoy the great outdoors and discover fabulous vistas and exotic wildlife.

At the same time, you will be within reach of every modern convenience. You won’t even have to worry about exotic diseases, language barriers, or huge cultural differences. Here is a brief list of some great family attractions in Australia.

One of the most wonderful things about a vacation in Australia is getting the opportunity to witness nature at its finest.

See the Great Barrier Reef and marvel at its size and beauty. You’ll have to spend a bit to see this one, but it’s ideal especially if you’ve got teenagers or older children who can snorkel or scuba dive – after all, to get the most out of your trip to the reef, you’ll have to see all the gorgeous ocean life beneath the waves.

Bondi Beach is always a favourite with those who enjoy family beach vacations.

It’s the best-known beach in Australia, and it’s got a bit of something for everyone in the family.

You and your spouse can enjoy some good food at a sunny outdoor cafe and amuse yourself trying to spot celebrities, while the kids can go to the Marine Discovery centre or sample the gelato or fish and chips. Of course, everyone gets to swim in the ocean or in the Bondi Icebergs surf pool.

This attraction located in Queensland, The Rainforest Habitat, allows you to get up close and personal with plants and animals. You can enjoy Breakfast with the Birds, where your morning meal is accompanied by the sight of hundreds of exotic avian friends who will join you at the table.

Small children will love the chance to feed birds and see unique animals like cassowaries, wombats, koala bears, and of course, kangaroos.

The Rainforest Habitat

If you’ve got school-age children, take this opportunity to give them a bit of perspective about the world they live in. Old Melbourne Gaol shows visitors a more sinister side to life in a country that was once a penal colony.

Children mature enough to appreciate a bit of history – and a bit of the macabre – will be fascinated by the stories of famous prisoners and the cells turned into exhibits of the prisoners’ lives.

Located in Perth, Rockingham Wild Encounters is one of the more unique family attractions in Australia. It offers a special range of eco-tours that let you swim with wild bottlenose dolphins, meet penguins at Penguin Island, or take a cruise on a glass-bottom boat to see the sea lions.

These are only a few things your family can see and do in Australia that ought to make your holiday truly an experience to remember.

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Taking the Best Family Vacations in Fiji

Family vacations in Fiji

As the summer months quickly approach, the time for planning your family vacations in Fiji also arrives. Summer is the perfect time to take family vacations; after all, as the kids are out of school and working parents can take their much-deserved work break. When looking for a place to take a family beach vacation, no place is more perfect than Fiji.

Family vacations in Fiji are ideal as the islands have plenty of resorts which offer fun and affordable activities for both parents and their children.

Fiji is found in the South Pacific, about 2,700 kilometres away from Brisbane, Australia. The islands are known for their beautiful beaches, clear waters, and lush forests. Locals are a diverse and friendly bunch, with roots that can be traced to Asian, European, Indian and Pacific ancestors. Getting to know their culture alone makes family vacations in Fiji worthwhile.

Travel with Kids to Fiji

Travelling to Fiji, even with children, is quite easy. Air Pacific, an Australian airline, has daily flights from Sydney. From Brisbane, there are six flights per week and three from Melbourne. The flights all take less than five hours, so your children certainly won’t be feeling to bored or antsy.  They’ll certainly forget about the boredom once the vacation itself begins. Also, you will notice upon arriving at the Nadi International Airport that families are actually given top priority.

They are put ahead of lines, even in the queue for immigration.

Before actually travelling to Fiji, of course, you have to make sure you orient yourself with the basic customs of the place.  The language used in the islands is Fijian, though English is also widely known, as it is a tourist spot. Certain areas will also have people speaking in Hindi.

The currency used is the Fiji dollar and tipping is generally not a custom there. Health-wise, make sure that you bring lots of sun block and avail of bottled water every time. While most of the resorts have safe tap water, especially in Nadi and Suva, such cannot be assumed of the other islands.

There aren’t really any other health and safety concerns, but you must still do well to check with your family doctor for any advisable shots.

Where to Stay in Fiji

Also, one of the first things you need to do upon choosing to take your family vacations in Fiji is to look up a place to stay. Fiji has many a family resort but you might need to check and determine if they’re within your budget. Accommodations in the islands can range from 5-star to budget accommodations. All of them, however, will be guaranteeing fun, enjoyment, and relaxation for the entire family, so choosing shouldn’t be so difficult.

Fiji islands resorts for families

Like any other beach destination, Fiji offers the usual pleasant sights – a wonderful view and, certainly, many hunky men and beach babes. However, the entire atmosphere of the place is that of general family friendliness. In the resorts, children are allowed to go barefoot, run around, build sand castles and attend activities at resort clubs designed especially for kids.

While they are off having the time of their lives, parents can go to the spas and relax, go for long romantic walks at night when the kids are asleep, and go on diving or snorkelling adventures if they’re especially adventurous.

Different resorts offer different prices and specialized activities, but generally, all resorts in Fiji will be providing your family with lovely suites, good food at their specialty restaurants, and lots of water fun. Most will also have a resort club for kids, as these places are really especially designed for family vacations in Fiji.

There are lots of non-negotiable things to try out in the island and if you have kids, you should really make sure to try the following out.

Family Attractions in Fiji

Go on a village tour. As mentioned above, Fiji culture is very rich and the locals are especially friendly. What better way to immerse yourself in such culture than to actually go around the local villages and see local customs for yourself? These villages offer interesting local delicacies which the children will surely love and will also be having local Fijian dancing at certain times of day. Fijian dancing – and singing, as well – has been known to be a hit with small kids.

While there, you also shouldn’t forget to visit the local farmer’s market. All the produce there is fresh and there are a lot of seafood choices. You can purchase some and cook it back in your resort suite or eat them at the village itself.

If you can, you should also try checking out the mangroves in tidal Salt Lake, on the island of Vanua Levu. The place offers paddle boarding, a child-friendly activity, and most instructors will also be telling you and your family a lot about mangroves and the role they play in our ecosystem.

It’s both a fun and educational activity. On the same island of Vanua Levu, there is also a spot called Split Rock which is known as a great snorkeling place. It’s known for being a safe area for kids so if you want to snorkel as a family, you can opt to go there instead of availing of the snorkelling services of your resort.

Of course, one other important thing to make your kids try out while in Fiji are the resorts’ clubs designed especially for children. While you are off getting a massage or trying out more adventurous activities, you can leave your children at the clubs or with a nanny.

Most resorts offer cheap nanny services for the day, though you might have to do your own babysitting at night.

These kids’ clubs often have their own game rooms, theaters, and sports facilities designed particularly for children. Certain resorts also offer lessons at their clubs, such as for swimming and for diving. Arts and crafts activities are also almost always present at these kids’ clubs for the less outdoorsy types.

With all the fun available in Fiji, there is no doubt that you will be having a blast and will want to return.

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Family Vacations in Cook Islands: What You Should Know

Cook Islands with kids

Family vacations in Cook Islands can be pretty special. If you and your family are fans of sun, sea, and the Cooks are bound to be a success, given all the enjoyable things that you can do there.The Cook Islands fit most people’s definition of paradise, with their sunny beaches and tranquil blue lagoons, as well as palm trees swaying in tropical breezes.

When planning family vacations in Cook Islands, it always pays to be prepared.The best way to prepare yourself is naturally to be informed; here are some things that you might want to know about the Islands if you are considering a visit on your next holiday.

1. Getting to the Cook Islands

The islands are accessible from New Zealand and Australia. If you choose to fly in from Perth, expect a stopover in Auckland before you get to Cook Islands. There are two airline companies that fly to the Cook Islands: the Air New Zealand and Royal Tongan airlines. Due to stopovers, flying to these islands may be a bit more costly than to other Pacific island destinations with direct flights.

2. Transportation on the islands

Getting from the airport to your hotel should be simple, as many resorts and hotels offer airport transfer services that include leis, making for an authentic island welcome.There are also Air Rarotonga flights from Rarotonga to other islands, and a bus that goes around Rarotonga once a day.It is possible to rent a car, but you will need to get a license from the police which can be a hassle on your part.

3. What is the food like on Cook Islands?

You can expect family vacations in Cook Islands to include some sumptuous meals.Traditional island fare consists of a lot of seafood and coconut-based dishes, which is a real treat if you are accustomed to traditional Western fare. If possible, try being part of an Umukai or traditional Polynesian feast.The Umukai features meat like pork, chicken and fish baked underground and eaten buffet-style along with drumming and dancing in island costume.

4. Family Suitable Accommodations on Cook Islands

family vacations in Cook Islands

Pick a family-friendly resort when you visit the Cook Islands, such as the Rarotongan Beach and Spa. A family resort will allow you to enjoy some quality time with your spouse or a bit of much-needed relaxation on your own, while your kids are occupied with age-appropriate activities. Family resorts often come with all the modern conveniences, including child-minding services during the day or night. There may also be kids’ clubs, ice cream parlours, kiddie pools and family room packages for you to enjoy.

5. Safety considerations for small children

Beaches on the islands are beautiful, but make sure that you teach your children the right safety precautions. For instance, they may have a great time exploring the shallow reefs and lagoons, but these gorgeous natural formations also harbour dangers like sharp coral or poisonous creatures like Stonefish. Tell your kids to wear reef shoes and be careful of what they touch.

Family vacations in Cook Islands are sure to be a great success if you remember the basic information above.


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