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Maui Ocean Center

Watch the sunrise over Haleakala on your family Maui vacations. As the sun continues it’s slow climb into the sky, you’ll feel like you are standing on top of the world. All of Maui is at your feet and the drive up to the summit is forgotten.

Immerse yourself in an Aquarium! The Living Reef at the Maui Ocean Center is like stepping into a giant aquarium. Tropical fishes going about their daily lives through live coral reefs, scenery once only available to divers.

Experience a Maui Luau during your Maui family vacation. Your evening begins with Hawaiian Luau music and audience participation featuring hula lessons, poi ball lessons, coconut tree climbing, coconut husking and finally the imu ceremony, the unveiling of the main dish – Kalua Pua’a (pig). Friendly greetings by Royal Polynesians followed by a Polynesian fashion show.

Tunnel through a Lava Tube while you travel with experienced guides deep into the subterranean passages of the Ka’eleku Caverns, the 18th largest volcanic lava tube in the world.

Hawaii is home to eight different species of dolphin. Enjoy a day of adventure on the remote and beautiful island of Lanai – chase the largest school of Spinner dolphins in Hawaii aboard a high-speed jet drive Zodiac, and explore Lanai’s mysterious interior on an Island Jeep Safari! A great family Maui vacations experience!

Sun, snorkel and swim Kaanapali on your Hawaii family vacation! The most beautiful stretch of beach on Maui is Kaanapali, boasting beautiful white sand beaches and tempting blue water, it’s a must do when in Maui on your Family Hawaii Vacation

Additionally, several of the larger resort hotels provide supervised activity programs that offer young guests a chance to experience Hawaii’s unique culture.

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  1. Clarisse Sanders says:

    (Hoboken, NJ, USA)
    Maui: A One-Stop Destination

    When we had our vacation in Maui, I can say that it was a one-stop destination. We had everything that we needed to enjoy. In fact, a week of stay there was not enough.

    We went to see different attractions such as the Maui Ocean Center, the Ka’eleku Caverns and many more. Of course, we loved the food in Maui especially during the Luau party. It was truly one of the best nights I have ever had.

    Our vacation would not be complete without testing the waters of place. We had island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. Going onto the waters made me feel like I was a mermaid in my past life…

    For me, Maui would mean, M-magnificent, A-adorable, U-unbelievable and I-I am going back!!!

  2. Tracy Lennox says:

    (Regina, Canada)

    Beautiful Stay in Maui

    From where I am, seeing the sun rise up in the sky can be a luxury. That is why, when my family and I went to Maui for a grand vacation.

    When we arrived there, we instantly loved the weather. It was so refreshing and we never had to wear layers of clothing.

    We started our day there with a Luau lunch buffet. After that we toured around Maui’s attractions. At night, we also enjoyed the nice dinner near the beach and did some bar-hopping too with my husband (my kids went to sleep early).

    The next few days, we had island hopping and did some fun aqua sports. My husband and kids were so happy indeed.

    Of course, the hotel accommodation was great. We had all we wanted. Everything that we have paid for is definitely worth it.

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