Advantages and Disadvantages of Inclusive Family Vacations

Inclusive Family VacationsThere are many advantages of all inclusive family vacations. The main one is you never have to ask yourself, “How much will this cost?” when your kids want more drinks, or activities. Not having to pull out your wallet or sign your bill 6 times a day adds to your piece of mind and enables you to truly relax and enjoy your family beach vacation.

Some all inclusive family resorts offer kids free accommodation when staying in parents’ room; kids typically pay a rate that’s a fraction of an adult’s price. Be sure to check when you are traveling with more than two children and the special rates may only apply to two children.

Another advantage, depending on your destination, can be the security of staying at an all inclusive family resort. There are some destinations that make families uncomfortable whether or not they are safe once you leave the resort grounds. In those instances, an all-inclusive resort is an ideal choice.

It allows you to have all of your meals, entertainment and activities in one spot, and while you won’t be “exploring the culture” of the destination, you’ll have a worry-free vacation.

There are of course some things to watch out for when looking for you all inclusive family vacation. It is important to find out detailed information about the kids programs. Some are better than others and will have different hours of operation, activities, age ranges and supervision. Make sure to pick a resort that will have a program suitable for the kids in your family.

Traveling with very young children and teenagers also requires special consideration as each age group has special requirements and so you want to make sure that accommodation and activities are geared to these age groups. For example, it may be important to have a kid’s wading pool or a room with a fridge when traveling with toddlers.

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Meanwhile, with older kids, try to get a room that is more central so they can have some independence. With teens, review available activities with them so they know what to expect and can let you upfront if they will enjoy the program.

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Finding the Best All Inclusive Family Vacation
All inclusive family vacations means that your airfare, hotel, meals and activities are included in the cost of your trip. However, there is no standard industry definition for the term “all-inclusive”.

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Is an all inclusive resort right for you?
All-inclusive resorts can really help vacationers get the most out of their travel dollars. Today, over 400 hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico are either all-inclusive resorts or offer all inclusive packages.


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