Where To Go For Great Family Vacations in Australia

Australia Vacation

Family vacations in Australia are popular because of the diversity that the country has to offer. Additionally, there is an abundance of activities and interesting places to visit for both adults and children in this wonderland, which makes family vacations in Australia the most happening thing.

Australia is an isolated island on its own that is close to the exotic Great Barrier Reef. With it’s golden beaches with crystal clear water, basalt plains, extinct volcanoes, wide open spaces, scenic mountain ranges, flora and fauna, extensive coastlines, vast rivers, and world’s oldest rainforest, it is the greatest place to experience joyful exploration for many families.

Below is the list of the popular places, which you mustn’t miss if you are planning a family vacation in Australia.

New South Wales

The New South Wales inhabitants are never away from adventure with the Great Dividing Range as their neighbor. The Great Dividing Range runs close and parallel to the thickly populated eastern seaboard. The Great Dividing Range is rugged from many parts.

The patches of the glorious virgin forest fill the valleys and cloak the peaks of the region. Though eucalypt forests dominate the region, there are also the beautiful alpine heaths covering the southern high peaks. Along with all these, the subtropical rainforests’ scattered pockets offer endless adventures and challenges to rock climbers, bush land walkers, and mountain bikers.

The snowy mountain peaks and the wonderful resorts are top attractions to persuade you to take a family vacation in Australia this year.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is renowned for its spectacular scenery, great landmarks of Kata Tjuta and Uluru, aboriginal culture and wetlands of

Sydney Australia

Kakadu. This territory is appealing but nevertheless a can be a less visited travel destination. Most interestingly, the extreme weather of the place has the potential of making an adventure out of a mere outing, which can be fun for many vacation goers. In all, the experience is worth of a lifetime for the well-prepared travelers.

The region’s unlimited potential for exploring the wilderness is what makes this family vacation in Australia very popular.


While on your family vacation in Australia, do not miss sightseeing in Queensland, best known for its most remarkable variety of environments and scenery, which make family vacations in Australia, especially family vacations to this region a spectacle.

Some of these landscapes have also been identified by the UNESCO as categories to be listed in the world heritage. The most amazing of these landscapes that make family vacations in Australia sheer delight are the Great Barrier Reef and ancient rainforests that run from Cape York to the border of New South Wales.

The Gold Coast is located in this area just below Brisbane, famous for its pristine beaches and scenery (such as this waterfall at Natural Arch National Park, a refreshing day out when visiting the Gold Coast) attracts many families each year.

South Australia

Make sure that you visit the driest state on your family vacation to Australia. This region has adventures of very different nature for the travelers. The extremely dry weather makes the availability of shade and water hard, leaving scope for arduous undertakings only for the winter.

You wouldn’t stop marveling at the rugged mountain ranges running northwards, starting from Adelaide and culminating in the Flinders and Gammon ranges. This region has ample challenges to offer to climbers and cyclists who have come for a family vacation in Australia on a lookout for adventure.


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  1. Carly Stephenson says:

    From (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)

    Babysitting Services in an Australia Resort

    My family and I have been wanting to visit to Australia with my family. My question is what resort can you recommend that has baby-sitting service? This way, I can still enjoy the vacation even if I have a 5 month old baby girl?

    • Jane Wilson says:

      Family resort in Australia

      You can choose between Dreamland Island Resort & Spa or Hilton Adelaide. They both have excellent babysitting services, I have been to both and recommend them.

  2. Brenda Cummings says:

    (Seattle, Washington)
    Australia- A Great Place To A Family Vacations

    Every year, we go to Australia to visit our relatives. We have been doing that for 10 years now and we never get tired of it because we always try different things every time. Australia is a great country to visit because of its great weather.

    After staying with our relatives for two weeks, we go to resorts to enjoy family bonding time. Like last year, we stayed at the Daydream Island Resort & Spa. We really loved it there. We played golf, scuba diving, snorkeling and other fun-filled activities.

    My kids and I really loved the helicopter ride and even the food that they served was heavenly. Best of all, I had my me-time in the spa. This year, we are planning to go back there…

  3. Dolly Harper says:

    From Auckland, New Zealand
    Had A Great Time Down Under!

    Going to Australia is perhaps the best thing that we did as a family. We stayed for two days in Sydney and toured around the area. After that, we went to Adelaide and checked in at the Hilton Adelaide.

    Our stay there was truly the best. I had time to bond with my teenage daughter in their salon while my husband and my boys are swimming in their beautiful pool.

    Of course, we also visited the Adelaide Zoo, Cleland National Wildlife Park and did some shopping too. Of course, we did not let our chance of seeing the cute and cuddly koalas. Also, we went to see the kangaroos. Truly, it was an awesome experience.

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