Family Vacations in Anguilla

Family Vacations in Anguilla

Have you heard good things about family vacations in Anguilla? Anguilla is a small island in the Caribbean situated close to St Martin.

Despite the increasing numbers of tourists who flock to the Caribbean looking for a vacation in paradise, Anguilla has managed to stay relatively undeveloped and so if you’re looking for some excitement to go with the stunning ocean views, then you need to find another destination. However, if you’re looking for a taste of paradise that allows you to relax, exchange pleasantries with the people who live there, and just experience life at a slower pace, then Anguilla could very well be the perfect family beach vacation destination for you.

The capital of Anguilla is The Valley. Actually The Valley is the only community that could have town status on the island so this is where you’ll find banks, a post office and places to shop for groceries if you aren’t eating out at one the restaurants specializing in expertly cooked seafood. Whilst you’re in The Valley you should take a look at the Wallbake House that dates back 1787, and the church which has a ceiling that’s shaped like the hull from a ship.

Despite the size of Anguilla, there’s still an airport on the island for those who want to fly direct, but you could also fly into St Martin, and have part of your vacation there then take the ferry across to Anguilla (about 25 minutes). If you intend to do this however will need to organize your ride from the ferry stop which is about 4 miles out of The Valley – there’s no public transportation on the island.

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Average temperature in Anguilla is around 80 degrees which makes it a nice hot Caribbean family vacation spot without being too hot. What you need to watch is the rainy season however, because the most rainfall is between August to November. The best time to go on family vacations in Anguilla is between late October and the beginning of December so it’s the perfect escape from the winter chills back home!


Most of the activities on Anguilla are connected to the ocean with diving, snorkeling and sailing being the most popular. For those who have a dream of riding a horse along a golden beach, this is a perfect setting to do it. Nature lovers will love the serenity of Anguilla with the many species of birds who migrate there from colder climates during the winter months, and if you’re lucky you might even spot a turtle laying its eggs on the shore.

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You will enjoy family vacations in Anguilla – a natural unspoiled paradise. A perfect place to leave all the stresses and strains of normal life and dedicate yourself to spending quality time with family and nature. And if the peace all gets a bit much, don’t forget St Martin is only 25 minutes away!

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