Which Island is Best For Your Family Hawaii Vacation?

Family Hawaii Vacation

A Family Hawaii Vacation is an excellent choice for a family beach vacation. The question is not whether to visit Hawaii but rather which combinations of islands, or single island for that matter, is best for the length of stay you can afford!

A Family Hawaii Vacation has it all. Beautiful beaches, world-class golf, surfing, shopping, swimming, top notch hotels, condominiums, eco tours, national parks, warm weather, and cool ocean breezes.

Hawaii can be affordable by blending a condominium stay within your package also helping to keep restaurant costs from getting out of control.

There are four islands that are popular for a family Hawaii Vacation:



has a little of everything for everyone. Honolulu and Waikiki are well developed with many with beaches, museums and there are ranches, theme parks and entertainment outlets all over the island.





Maui has incredible natural diversity with micro-climates ranging from rainforest to desert. But the island’s relatively small size means most day trips are easy to handle even for families with small children.





If you’re planning a family Hawaii vacation, Kauai is the perfect place. This unique corner of the tropics is a virtual playground for children. Family oriented accommodations, activities and restaurants make your trip safe, easy, fun and economical.



The Big Island

The Big Island

The Hilo side is great for exploring the waterfalls of the Hamakua Coast and the Kilauea Volcano. Move over to the Kona side for sun and fun on the beach.


Hawai Family Vacation

These islands are recommended as family holiday destinations, as they have modern amenities that may just come in handy, should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Hawaii doesn’t offer the all inclusive resorts of the Caribbean, but nonetheless many places welcome families with kids’ clubs, fun pools and cultural crafts and activities to keep them busy.View Page

There are so many fun things to do with the family that your Family Hawaii Vacation can be one of the best you have ever had.

Plan Your Hawaii Family Vacation

Popular tourist spot in Hawaii: the Kokee Natural History Museum
Popular tourist spot in Hawaii, the Kokee Natural History Museum located on Kauai is a certified museum under the standards of London and New York. But within this space visitors can find a surprisingly rich and detailed view of the area’s geology, botany, wildlife and climate.

Popular tourist destination in Hawaii: Bishop Museum
One of the popular tourist destination in Hawaii is the Bishop Museum. It is a must see when visiting on your family Hawaii Vacation. In a natural paradise filled with extraordinary beaches, outstanding falls and amazing volcanoes it could hardly be otherwise. Yet, it does offer some truly fine museums as well. One of the foremost, which would merit a visit in any city, is the Bishop Museum.

Popular places in Hawaii: The Diamond Head State Monument
Some of the popular places in Hawaii like Diamond Head State Monument, located in Oahu, is one of Hawaii’s biggest tourist attractions. It isn’t hard to see why. To the geologists it might just be a ‘pyroclastic cinder cone generally comprised of a friable tuff-type soil structure’, whatever that means.

Hawaii Aquariums
Hawaii tourist destination, other than scenic views of the falls and the volcanoes, especially from the wonderful beaches of Hawaii, you should visit Hawaii’s aquariums.

Hawaii places to see: Caves and Falls
There are many Hawaii places to see. Luckily, just as with the state’s outstanding beaches, there are no end of options. Hawaii isn’t just about beaches. So if you’re planning to visit some of the Hawaii places then visit the caves and the falls.

 Top Hawaii Attractions
Hawaii views are indeed vast as there is a chain of paradise of wonderful places to see for your family Hawaii vacation. There are 7 or 8 ‘main’ ones (depending on the criteria used), and over 150 smaller ones.

Hawaii tourist attraction: Dole Plantation
Hawaii tourist attraction like the Dole Plantation offers one that, like many things in Hawaii, is a little bit different. That, and a dozen other fascinating things to see and do here make this attraction one of the state’s continuing best.

Scuba Diving in Hawaii has Variety
Scuba diving in Hawaii, is some of the best in the world. It has all the variety of a Polynesian paradise like Fiji combined with the most modern facilities and world-class guides.

Places to visit in Hawaii: Hawaii Botanical Gardens
It might seem odd as to pick Hawaii Botanical Gardens. After all, the state is one huge, lush tropical garden, so why bother? The fact is that Hawaii is lovely, but it is also very developed these days.

Hawaii Boat Tours and Hawaii Shark Encounters
Hawaii offers one of the best shark encounters and best Hawaii boat tours. Experience the real shark encounters like those of you see on TV. Or perhaps try the boat tours. That can mean cruising around to see the excellent sights along the coast or out at sea, such as whale watching.

Hawaii Tours by Bicycle
If you’re looking for a new way of Hawaii tours then try the cycling tours of Hawaii. Instead of just laying on the beach try the adventure that awaits you in Hawaii.

Hawaii sightseeing? You Must See a Volcano!
Hawaii sightseeing is the best way to enjoy Hawaii. You will see the sights of the volcanoes of Hawaii as it is known throughout the world, first, Hawaii was born out of volcanoes.

Top Family Hawaii attractions: Honolulu Zoo and Panaewa Rainforest Zoo
There are many family Hawaii attractions to see just like the Honolulu Zoo and Panaewa Rainforest Zoo. These Hawaii attractions are also the best place to bring your children to see the different animals of Hawaii while you’re on your family vacation.

Hawaii Whale Watching Tours are Popular
Hawaii whale watching tours are one of Hawaii’s most popular tours. And there are ample opportunities afforded by the state’s many tour operators. But before you go, learn a little bit about a time when these amazing creatures were followed not for a photo shot, but a harpoon one.

Hawaii Historical Sites can be a Learning Opportunity for the Kids
The Hawaii historical sites like the USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials are the top places to visit.


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