Choosing the Best Beaches in Canada

Best Beaches in Canada

When you think of a seaside family vacation, going to visit the best beaches in Canada may not occur to you yet the idea of going North might very well be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

While Canada may be best known for Mounties and winter sports, you’ll find that you can have a whole lot of fun on Canadian beaches.

After all, Canada has miles and miles of shoreline that can treat you to some of the most awesome vistas in North America.  However, not every bit of Canadian beach is an ideal vacation spot.

The following are some tips that will help you pick out the best beaches in Canada for your holiday.


1. Temperate water.  Canada is a country that’s famous for being cold, so you want to find a beach where the water is warm enough to swim in.  Sure, some people may like the bracing effect of a dip in nice, cold water but when you’re interested in a relaxing vacation with your family, you want to swim in water that’s comfortable enough even when you’re not wearing a wet suit.  Certain Canadian beaches such as Grand Beach, which is fed by water from Lake Winnipeg, have water that’s nice and warm.


2. Foot-friendly sand.  One of the most enjoyable sensations when you’re at the seaside is to feel soft, crumbly sand between your toes.  Actually, when you’re at the beach you simply must go barefoot – otherwise, the experience just isn’t complete.  The best beaches in Canada for a family vacation have nice stretches of sandy beach that won’t hurt your feet.  A long stretch of sand is great for lounging around on a blanket, playing beach volleyball or football, or making sand castles with the little ones.  You’ll also have less reason to worry about your kids getting cuts and scrapes from hostile terrain.


3. Good facilities.  While a wild, untouched bit of shore might be exciting for honeymooners or backpackers, when you’re on vacation with your family you should make it a point to visit only those beaches that have adequate provisions for your safety as well as your convenience.  Find a beach with a parking lot and clean restrooms or shower areas.  Concession stands where you can get a drink of water or a sandwich are also a plus.  Of course, it’s absolutely necessary to take your family swimming only in places where there are lifeguards present.


4. Clean.  Sad to say, pollution is a big concern when it comes to beaches.  For your family’s health, choose a beach that’s clean – no trash or litter on the sand, and far from sources of pollutants such as factories or piers.


5. Beautiful.  If you’re taking the trouble to go someplace special for your holiday, go where there’s something really unique that you can’t see every day such as breath-taking views or unusual rock and sand formations.


There are many great beaches in Canada that would be perfect for a family beach vacation.  Just use the guide above to locate one that’s ideal.

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